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“They’re Getting So Big” Means Demand is High

If there’s one thing every parent laments, it’s how fast their kids grow up. There are always a few tears shed when they head off to their first day of school or get their drivers’ license. Every parent both looks forward to and dreads these milestones. But there’s something else parents dread about their kids getting older: the inevitable need for a new wardrobe.

“They’re getting so big” usually means a new size is right around the corner. It’s a phrase that makes Kid to Kid franchising such a lucrative opportunity.

A moat worth betting on

To be successful, every business needs a moat: something that ensures demand for its product. What better moat than the inevitability of growing up? As long as people have kids and those kids grow up, there’s always going to be demand for kids’ clothes. And, when it comes to shopping for clothes, parents will turn to whatever retailer gives them the best value. That means great quality at affordable prices.

“Kids grow faster than paychecks,” says Scott Sloan, CEO of Kid to Kid.

It’s why Kid to Kid focuses on providing as much value as possible to parents. Whether they’re a toddler taking on new sizes every couple of months or a preteen that’s eating their parents out of house and home as puberty sets in, the demand for bigger clothes is ever-present.

The cost of parenting is on the rise

It’s getting more and more expensive to raise a child—but it’s not getting any easier. That’s why more parents have turned to secondhand options when it comes to essential items like clothing, baby and toddler items. Being able to pay a fraction of the price for a newborn’s needs or half price for a double stroller is a great way to reallocate dollars to other important parenting expenses: food, diapers, medical bills and more.

Kid to Kid franchise owners find themselves serving a customer base that’s looking for help managing costs. The low prices and quality apparel available through our secondhand model make it an instant boon for parents. We’re a store they’ll go out of their way to shop at, whether they have one child or several at different ages and stages of growth.

They’re getting so big!

Every parent knows just how fast kids grow, and keeping up with clothing sizes and demands can become an impossible battle without an affordable outlet. Kid to Kid offers parents the compromise they need when it comes to clothing kids throughout their lives, from newborn to toddler to early childhood, middle childhood, pre-teen and beyond.
Learn more about what makes the Kid to Kid franchise model such a lucrative one and how joining the secondhand clothing market offers a win for both franchise owners and the parents they serve. Become a franchise owner today!