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Kid to Kid’s Renewable Customer Base

A strong customer base is vital to any successful and growing business. But you don’t just want to serve one-time buyers. Business owners hit the sweet spot when they can serve repeat customers from an expanding and renewing market.

Kid to Kid, the nation’s leading children’s resale clothing franchise, has unlocked this sweet spot with our wide range of offerings. By serving expecting mothers and children aged newborn to 12, we’ve built an evergreen customer base that keeps our stores from being left behind.

Who is Kid to Kid’s target consumer?

Kid to Kid is a child-focused resale opportunity. Our stores stock clothing, accessories, sports apparel and gear for babies and kids up to size 14. This means we can outfit children from the time they’re born until they’re around 12 years old! Our target customers are the parents or guardians of children living in each community where we open a store.

Children are not our sole focus, however. We also carry maternity clothing and baby gear to help out expecting mothers. Whether this is their first baby or third, moms can find affordable maternity clothes as well as toys and gear for their little one. This way, Kid to Kid serves the entire family!

What’s so great about the Kid to Kid model is that it stretches the potential for repeat purchases. An expecting mother might discover our resale store while pregnant, then return year after year to clothe their child. We could be outfitting a single kid for over a decade! This way, our franchisees get the opportunity to build long-lasting relationships with these customers. And, the potential grows even more if those families have more kids in the future. Not to mention, no two stores have the exact same inventory, so multiple stores can operate in a given area without competing against one another.

The pool of families continues to grow

When one family ages out of Kid to Kid’s offerings, there’s always a new one to take their place. In 2021 alone, 3.6 million babies were born in the United States. That is a huge potential market in need of affordable children’s clothing—and that number is just as high every year! Even as children grow out of the sizes we carry, their younger siblings, cousins or neighbors will still fit. There are always new families, meaning Kid to Kid’s customers are renewable.

The nature of resale clothing also allows Kid to Kid to keep up with the times. Our store inventory is constantly revolving as families sell garments their children have outgrown and purchase “new” ones. This helps move old inventory and bring in new items that fit current style trends.

Serve generations with Kid to Kid

When you open a Kid to Kid resale clothing store, you can rest assured that your products won’t become obsolete in the near future. With new babies born every day, the market for children’s clothes will continue to thrive—as will the need for low-cost kids’ clothes. Kids grow at lightning speed, and families’ wallets simply can’t keep up.

This makes Kid to Kid an evergreen business model that’s poised to serve families for generations. We’ve grown a lot since our founding in 1992, and we plan to continue expanding in the years to come. Our business remains focused on serving parents and growing families through high-quality, stylish and affordable garments, all while serving the planet and the community at large.

If you’re a passionate, business-minded entrepreneur, consider investing in families by investing in a Kid to Kid franchise. We’re looking for eager owners to open stores in their own communities and continue to further our mission. Contact us today to receive more information about this exciting opportunity.