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What Do Kid to Kid Franchisees Have to Say?

Kid to Kid franchisees open up about what they love about their businesses

Kid to Kid franchise owners love what they do, and it shows. Their passion for their communities is tangible, heartfelt and sincere, as all of our franchise owners share our commitment to giving back, support charities and recycle.

When an entrepreneur joins the Kid to Kid franchise network, they become a part of our family.  When we work together we can make a tremendous difference in people’s lives, and on the planet for the better.

This is what our franchisees have to say about why they love owning a Kid to Kid franchise:

“I fell in love with Kid to Kid. We have the opportunity to sell families clothing at a really affordable rate, which allows them to spend more money in our communities, and save more for themselves. The ability to give back to the community, help save the environment and help families save money is why Kid to Kid is such an attractive business to own.”

Kelli Purser, owner of two Kid to Kid franchises in Utah

“The consignment industry is growing in leaps and bounds, while brick and mortar are going out right and left. The resale industry is growing exponentially, but I think for us personally, why we’ve done so well, is we’ve invested in our business. We are in our store in a regular basis, we make sure what is going on. We provide excellent service, excellent product, excellent price.”

Lynn Ferguson, owner a Kid to Kid franchises in Tennessee


Kid to Kid Franchisees“My fellow franchisees are a huge part of my experience as an owner! I feel like I’ve joined a sorority, late in life. There is no one else who can understand what you are going through, help you through hurdles, and give you great advice.”

Erin Martin
Owner of a Kid to Kid Franchise in North Carolina



Kid to Kid Franchisees“The business model is very easy to understand, which made transitioning from my day job to ownership so easy. I’m really impressed with their support I get as a franchise owner. It’s nice to know that you’re a part of a brand that cares about your success.”

Shawna Duplantis
Owner of a Kid to Kid Franchise in Texas


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