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Who is Kid to Kid Looking For?

Not every franchise opportunity is right for every entrepreneur. Before you invest in a small business, you’ll want to make sure you fit in with its culture. At Kid to Kid, one of the nation’s leading children’s resale clothing franchises, we pride ourselves on the like-minded network that makes up our franchise family.

If you’re interested in joining our system of community-focused and driven owners, consider whether you share these important qualities with us.


Kid to Kid is looking for prospective owners who share our passion for giving back to communities, redefining the resale clothing industry, and helping parents of growing children.

Most of our owners would agree that entrepreneurship presents big challenges in your professional career and your personal life. What makes challenges so rewarding is the passion each franchisee brings to their business. When you love what you do, no obstacle can stand in your way!

Business skills

Kid to Kid owners work daily in their stores and utilize their business management experience to come up with unique solutions for issues that occur. Merchandising, technology, inventory management, and other daily tasks are necessary for execution of the Kid to Kid business opportunity. Our franchisees are fully invested in their businesses; that’s why our franchise model is not for absentee or semi-absentee owners.


Kid to Kid is not a solo business venture. Once your store is up and running, you’ll need to hire a team of employees and managers to operate the business on a daily basis. Your staff will rely on you for training, guidance, and career growth as your store becomes more established in the community. This means you’ll need to be both a strong entrepreneur and a strong leader who employees can trust and turn to.

We’re also looking for franchisees who can be leaders within our system. We value transparency and encourage support amongst every Kid to Kid store with the hope that owners can provide advice to others in need.

Emphasis on sustainability

One of the biggest benefits of Kid to Kid’s business is how sustainable it is in the long term. By reselling children’s clothing, we extend the life of garments and keep millions of clothing pieces out of landfills around the globe. Our locally driven model also minimizes carbon emissions related to the production, warehousing, and shipment of clothing, since garments are bought and sold right in your own neighborhood.

Family focus

Kid to Kid was founded by—and for—families. Our mission is to provide growing families with lower-cost, high-quality resale clothing for kids.

Serving parents and the larger community is core to our business model, and we want our owners to share those same priorities. You won’t just be running a business. You’ll be making connections with customers and meeting their needs!

Open mind

Innovation is another core tenet of the Kid to Kid business model—but not in the ways you may think. Our stores leverage proprietary technology that helps staff purchase and price resale garments and provides sales insight to other store owners. We’re also improving our training programs regularly to keep everyone up to speed on the latest industry changes. And, of course, our business model is designed to disrupt the traditional resale clothing model and produce a more favorable, upscale and pleasant shopping experience.

Because of these innovative qualities, Kid to Kid aims to partner with owners who keep an open mind and are willing to learn and try new things. Adaptation is how our business has grown thus far, and it’s how we’ll thrive in the future!

Kid to Kid strives to be an accessible investment for driven, community-focused entrepreneurs. If you’re interested in opening your own small business and see yourself in this list, consider our children’s resale clothing franchise opportunity. Reach out today to learn more and begin your journey to ownership