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Meet the Kid to Kid Franchise Team

The Kid to Kid Franchise team is led by visionary executives with significant experience helping franchisees thrive

Kid to Kid Franchise Team Co-Founder Shauna Sloan

Shauna Sloan

President, Kid to Kid

Little did we know when we opened the first children’s resale store 28 years ago, that our concept would expand and grow to be one of the biggest and best resale franchises in the world. We’re still a privately owned family run company — which allows us to have personal relationships with our franchisees. It’s been rewarding for me to watch their kids grow up and in some cases join Mom and Dad in the business as most of our six kids have done. As a mother and grandmother, I relate to the challenges of trying to balance work, family, community and play. I spend most of my time creating systems (including the amazing Baseline Point of Sale program released in 2020) to make that balance possible for our franchise owners. We’d love to have you join our family!

Brighton Sloan

Chief Operating Officer

I was a little girl when my parents opened the first Kid to Kid store so I can’t really remember life without it. My first love is acting and singing so after performing in a bunch of plays in my teens, I got a degree in musical theatre from Brigham Young University and formed a little theatre company of my own. I’ve produced, directed, and performed in many shows over the years. Theatre has taught me that to be successful, everyone needs to work together, and that each member of the team–whether they are the lead actress or the sound-board operator–is essential to the success of the show. I’ve worked at Basecamp in many roles over the past 10 years, including store management, franchise support, and training. As a franchisee I’ve experienced the challenges and rewards of building successful stores. I can’t wait to work with you to help you meet your goals.

Kid to Kid Team Member Craig Smith

Craig Smith

Chief Financial Officer

Hi. I am Craig Smith, the CFO for BaseCamp. I manage the Accounting and Human Resource needs for BaseCamp and I directly lead our amazing Administration team. I have the privilege of overseeing the BaseCamp Bookkeeping service and helping new and current owners with accounting/financial related projects such as obtaining start-up or expansion financing. I acquired a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Accounting from the University of Utah and I have multiple years of experience in public accounting, the oil and gas industry, and the audiovisual industry. I’m excited to work with you.

Kid to Kid Franchise Dave Martell

Dave Martell

Director of Franchise Development

My name is Dave Martell and I joined the Kid to Kid Franchise Development team back in 2013. I love working with aspiring entrepreneurs to help them discover if Kid to Kid is the right business model that will help them reach their goals. I take prospective franchisees through a detailed and candid exploration process so they can discover if they will be successful as a Kid to Kid franchisee. I’m passionate about reusing and recycling so I love that I get to help promote this green business all across the country and help more and more parents enjoy the many benefits of shopping second-hand.

Kid to Kid Team Rhett McNamara

Rhett McNamara

Director of IT

I’m Rhett McNamara, I’ve been a technology enthusiast my entire life. As a youth I enjoyed disassembling electronics and re-purposing motors or other components to experiment with and make my own gadgets. My interest quickly pivoted to greener, more silicon-based pastures by building and configuring computers and servers from home. Before joining BaseCamp, my professional experience was in the Customer Service and Call Center environments – including server management, server orchestration, disaster recovery, automation, and team leadership. Now as Director of IT, I ensure that our Technical Support, IT Operations, and Software Development teams have the resources they need to keep our stores on the cutting edge of technology and provide industry-leading support.

Kid to Kid Team Joslin Wright

Joslin Wright

Director of Administration and Compliance

My name is Joslin Wright, and I am passionate about helping franchisees realize the highest levels of success by following the systems and processes, meeting franchise standards, and giving them the opportunity to learn and network with each other. Beginning in January 2013, I’ve had the pleasure to work alongside our knowledgeable and dedicated support team as director of franchise support for both the Kid to Kid and Uptown Cheapskate brands. Since 2018, I have headed up franchise administration and compliance and overseen the overall customer experience and consistency in order to help elevate our brand and franchise family. From planning the franchise annual meetings, updating and publishing our annual priorities workbooks and ensuring that our franchise network is on solid ground, I am so fortunate to work with talented co-workers and franchisees to make our communities, country and world a better place.


Amy Deal

Director of Operations

Hi, I’m Amy Deal and I joined the BaseCamp team in January 2017 as the Corporate Store District Manager and now I hold the position of Director of Operations. I’ve has worked at BaseCamp in multiple roles over the past six years, including operations support, new store support, and training. Prior to working for BaseCamp, I held multiple management roles at Target for nine years.

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