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How Will Kid to Kid Franchise Support You?

Dynamic children’s clothing resale franchise offers world-class support from day one

The decision to join the Kid to Kid team means that you’re never going to be alone in your business. The majority of our franchisees join our brand without any prior experience in the resale clothing industry, and many have never owned a business before. To prepare them to take advantage of the exploding resale industry we have designed an industry-leading training and ongoing Kid to Kid franchise support platform. It will help you thrive in business from your grand-opening day and every day thereafter.

As Kid to Kid has grown over the decade in business to more than 100 locations throughout the US, Canada and Europe, so has our support staff. A team of over 60 professionals are working on your behalf, to ensure that you reach your goals.

In his book “Swimmy,” Italian author Leo Lionni tells the story of a small fish that realizes that the ocean is a dangerous place–especially for a small fish without spines, foul odors, or the ability to camouflage himself against the coral. All seems lost until he realizes that if he can get his like-species fish to swim in formation-one that looks like a shark, collectively they can scare away all the other predators.

Swimmy is the inspiration for the Kid to Kid mantra: “We’re Better Together.”  This means that our entire franchise network is transparent and works together for everyone’s success. We share up-to-the-minute sales information that allows franchise owners the ability to compare how their stores are doing in relation to their peers. You’ll even know how much rent the owner in Wichita, Kansas, pays, and how much labor is needed to run the store in Arlington, TX. You can also compare how much money each owner makes. Because knowledge is power, this transparency will empower you to adopt the best practices, and avoid pitfalls.

“When you measure performance, it improves,” says Shauna Sloan, Co-Founder of Kid to Kid. “We’ve found that as we’ve shared financial performance information, performance improves, as we’re able to see where the holes are and patch them up immediately. This means that our franchisees aren’t just waiting for help, we are proactive in identifying trends and offering support.

Successful franchisees always want to learn more. We hold a national convention once a year, and regional training sessions from time to time. These help you refocus your efforts, polish your skills, and learn new strategies.

We have great franchisees who are very supportive of their fellow store owners. You are able to get help and advice from the entire franchise network if you hit a rough patch.”

Kid to Kid franchise support

What does world-class support look like?

Here is an outline of exactly how we will support you in your business beginning from day one:

Initial training

You will travel to Salt Lake City, Utah, for a 6-day training session which is conducted at our headquarters and in a local store. Prior to the visit prepared by completing over 30 hours of training on our on-line portal. You will learn how to use our point of sale and inventory management systems, implement our marketing strategies, effectively recruit, manage and lead a team, and how to buy, sell, and manage inventory, and so much more.

On-the-job training

Immediately following your training in Salt Lake City, you will put your newfound knowledge to use. For five days, you will get hands-on experience by working next to a seasoned franchisee in his or her store. By the time you leave, you will be ready to launch your new business with confidence.

Financial coaching

Meeting your financial goals is our primary mission. You will work with an in-house accountant to create a realistic business plan that will serve as a roadmap for your success. They will help keep you organized and on track.

Online training

What good would the training be if you couldn’t access it when you needed it? Our extensive array of online training modules will help you in every aspect of your business. The platform includes 60+ hours of employee training to save you time from having to train each employee one on one which is especially important for our multi-store owners.

Ongoing training

To ensure your long term success, we will schedule regular support calls, visit your store from time to time, and hold regional meetings and an annual educational conference for the entire Kid to Kid network.

Marketing training

We know our franchisees aren’t marketing experts, and they don’t have to be. Franchising with us is like hiring a world-class ad agency just to brand your new retail store. We will help you develop a marketing plan to launch your business and keep it growing. Plus, you already have the built-in trust and name recognition that comes from joining a team with locations from coast to coast.

We will help you with:

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Customized Design Services
  • Mass Media (TV and Radio)
  • Email and Text Marketing
  • Coupons, Offers & Promotions

For a small additional fee we will manage most of your marketing tasks. This means you won’t have to worry about sending regular marketing emails, tackling website and social media updates, or ordering new in-store marketing materials. Our marketing experts will free you up to spend more time with your customers.

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