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The Importance of Family Values in a Franchise

Choosing a franchise is not only about finding a business venture offering potential for growth and success. Aspiring franchisees also need to consider which brands most closely match their personal values. Does the franchise system you’re interested in align with your standards and goals?

At Kid to Kid, we take pride in the fact that our franchise owners share a collective set of family values centered around giving back. Our owners don’t just run a business – they are pursuing their passions and bringing good things to their communities. These values are key in both our franchisees’ and the system’s long-term success.

What Kid to Kid stands for

Kid to Kid is much more than a children’s resale clothing store. We’re not just about making money. Our business is about giving families the opportunity to find high-quality children’s clothes on a tight budget. It’s about keeping garments out of landfills and reducing the impact textile waste has on the environment. These missions are rooted in our familial foundation.

Kid to Kid was founded by a family, and that family is still involved in leadership and franchisee roles within the company. This has helped solidify our mission and values and create a family-style corporate culture. Our family values are extremely important to us. Kid to Kid ensures every prospective franchisee is a good fit for the culture we’ve created.

In the same way we treat our franchisees like family, we find our store owners enforce those same values in their own businesses. This means everyone—from franchisees to store staff to customers—are cared for like family!

Why our family values matter

Our family values are not just a source of pride for our corporate leadership team. They also provide tremendous benefit for our like-minded franchise owners.

  • Top-level trust and support: Franchise owners need to have a high level of trust in the corporate staff who support their new businesses from day one. This trust is earned quickly when franchisees realize we’re passionately committed to their success!
  • Community among owners: Kid to Kid’s community culture differentiates us from other, more competitive franchise systems. Our franchisees support one another instead of compete. We encourage our owners to connect and share in their mutual successes with full transparency to help one another learn and grow.
  • Stronger brand: Having a like-minded network of franchisees ultimately strengthens our brand. When every store operates under the same principles, customers across the country come to know what we stand for which creates a consistent experience from store to store. In the end, Kid to Kid has a stronger brand image and happier customers as a result.
  • Feel good about what you do: Perhaps the biggest benefit of Kid to Kid’s family values is the satisfaction they give our franchise owners on a personal level. Our franchisees understand that what they do every day isn’t just a job. They get to make a difference, and they feel good about that!

Kid to Kid stands strong in its family values, and we look forward to continuing to make a difference with every new location. We’re eager to expand our 100+ store national footprint with even more like-minded franchisees!

If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur with a passion for children, families and providing a meaningful service for your community, Kid to Kid is the franchise opportunity for you. Request franchise information today to get started.