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3 Benefits of Our National Network

Opening a new business is an exciting endeavor, but can also feel quite daunting. Fortunately, when you become a Kid to Kid franchisee you’re not in it alone. While you will operate your store independently, you’ll always have a team of corporate supporters and other franchisees behind you.

There are other positives as well to joining a national network like Kid to Kid. From our established brand name to our nationwide buying power, here are the benefits you’ll reap upon joining our children’s resale clothing franchise.

1. National brand recognition

It can be difficult to make a name for yourself in any industry, let alone a booming one like resale clothing. Fortunately, at Kid to Kid, you don’t have to start out as the new kid on the block. Kid to Kid has grown to over 100 locations, and with this growth comes brand recognition across the country.

Parents know and recognize the Kid to Kid name and our little pink doors. We’ve become synonymous with quality, affordability, and family-friendly secondhand shopping. Whether they’re new parents or have a large family, moms and dads have come to trust Kid to Kid as their source for upcycled children’s clothes.

This brand recognition is extremely valuable to new Kid to Kid owners. Because of it, they can spend less time spreading the word about what their business does and focus more on building their store toward success.

2. Large-scale brand support

Behind every Kid to Kid franchise is an entire network of support staff assisting with everything from business inception to ongoing training. This type of multi-function support is unique in the world of franchising. Because Kid to Kid is an established franchise system, we have processes and staff in place to ensure you have the training you need to open and operate a successful children’s resale clothing franchise. Our team is here to help with financing, site selection, build-out of your store, grand opening, and beyond.

Our franchisees also benefit from a large-scale training program designed specifically with new owners in mind. Retail experience is not necessary before opening a Kid to Kid store. You’ll attend a two-week in depth training session at our Salt Lake City headquarters to learn the ropes of the business.

Support doesn’t end once your store opens. Being a national entity gives us a larger marketing and advertising stage. As part of your franchise investment, you’ll have access to our marketing program, where we handle advertising for you.

3. Store information & expertise

At Kid to Kid our motto is, “We’re Better Together.” This belief underpins our entire system’s model of transparency and teamwork in order to help all of our franchisees reach success.

There are over 100 other Kid to Kid stores for new owners to learn from. Within our database system, we share up-to-the-minute sales information with all owners, allowing you to benchmark your figures against other, similar-sized stores in markets nationwide. Armed with this wealth of information, franchisees can make informed decisions about how to run their business.

You’ll also have access to the people behind the stores! Other franchise owners in the Kid to Kid system are eager to collaborate and share tips, tricks and lessons learned from their own franchise journeys.

Join the growing Kid to Kid team

Owners of over 100 Kid to Kid stores have already experienced the benefits of our national brand awareness, support, and data. We’ve honed our model of onboarding new franchisees to make the process as simple and streamlined as possible to benefit you, your store and the brand.

Are you ready to get started on your journey with Kid to Kid? Learn more about our children’s resale clothing franchise opportunity and speak with a franchise consultant today.