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The Sustainable Solution for Infant Clothing

Every baby is different, but one thing all infants have in common is how fast they grow. From the time they are a newborn to when they celebrate their second birthday, babies can rocket through a range of clothing sizes. Not only is this challenging for parents who need to continuously buy new clothes—it also creates a lot of clothing waste!

Resale clothing for babies is a more sustainable solution. Here’s how Kid to Kid is helping to tackle the problem.

Infant clothes create a waste problem

Baby clothes are irresistibly cute, and many parents have a dresser full of outfits even before their babies are born. However, these teensy-tiny clothes don’t get used for long. Newborn sizes alone are usually only worn for up to six weeks before babies transition to 0–3 month clothing. From there, babies typically go up a clothing size around every 10 weeks. This means infants might go through around seven clothing sizes in just their first two years of life!

Given how fast babies outgrow clothing, parents are often left with piles of onesies and outfits that might have only been worn once, if at all. A lot of this apparel ends up discarded as waste. Around 64% of the U.S.’s garments end up in landfills every year—and children’s clothing is part of the problem.

Resale is a solution to sustainability challenges

Fortunately, parents don’t have to repeat the cycle of buying infant clothing, using an outfit once and throwing it away. Resale clothing stores like Kid to Kid present an opportunity to extend the life of infant clothing for many more years.

Kid to Kid buys stylish, gently-used garments and resells them for a fraction of the cost parents would find at traditional clothing stores. All our clothing goes through a rigorous quality check to ensure there are no stains, tears, or other damage. In the case of our infant clothing, many items are turned into us with the tags still attached!

By shopping our racks, parents of newborns and infants can find less-expensive, high-quality outfits. Buying secondhand helps reduce the number of newly-made garments in the market, saving precious resources. Then, whether their baby wears the item once or 10 times, the garment can be returned to Kid to Kid and sold again! This “upcycling” system extends the life of barely used clothing, which reduces its carbon footprint and gives parents a more affordable solution.

This impact is particularly evident with newborn and infant clothing, which tends to last even less time than older children’s clothing might. Every baby needs clothes—but families don’t have to contribute to pollution in the process!

Kid to Kid’s sustainable efforts

Kid to Kid’s resale clothing franchise stores have increased across the United States because our approachable, family-friendly stores have played a role in the transformation of the resale industry. More young families are shopping secondhand than ever before, and the results are tremendous!

Our model has helped make the clothing industry more sustainable by reducing greenhouse gas emissions, keeping waste out of landfills, and preserving water, electricity, and other finite resources. By giving parents an opportunity to shop used, we’re helping make our planet a better, healthier place to be.

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