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What Is Kid to Kid Franchise?

Iconic Resale franchise helps families save big on outfitting their children

Kid to Kid franchise was founded in 1992 by a young couple who understood what all young couples know — it costs a small fortune to buy clothes for your children.

Fast forward 25 years later, and Kid to Kid, with over 100 locations is the leading upscale kids resale franchise in the nation. According to Fortune, the $24 billion resale industry has outpaced retail by 21 times over the past 3 years and is expected to nearly triple to $64 billion within the next 10 years!

“I was a young mother with four children, and was shopping secondhand” says Shauna Sloan, Founder of Kid to Kid. “I realized that there wasn’t an organized way for young parents to buy the items they wanted, as well as sell their items back so they they could go to the families that really need them. With kids constantly outgrowing their clothes, there’s always going to be a constant demand for new items and a supply of inventory.”

By designing a store that was upscale, trendy and highly organized, Kid to Kid has made shopping resale a dynamic part of mainstream culture. There are no bargain bins, no mountains of clothes to dig through and no items that are in rough shape. Instead, Kid to Kid gives customers an experience that is more like the GAP than the Goodwill. Items are carefully selected and screened, based on current fashion, and then sorted by size, style and color.

“We’ve created a retail environment that appeals to mainstream shoppers,” says Brent Sloan, Co-Founder of Kid to Kid. “Over the past several years, as the retail apocalypse has closed many brick-and-mortar stores, we’re enjoyed record sales. Although internet shopping is growing rapidly, moms still want to shop a high-quality store that they trust, where they can have their kids try on several items in one sitting. They love the fact that they can cash in on the items the kids have outgrown. Millennials especially like choice, and at Kid to Kid they can select from thousands of items priced at one-third of regular retail. Kid to Kid’s core business is sustainable shopping.


Kid to Kid is committed to sustainable shopping

Many companies work hard to support “green” causes by recycling paper and leasing efficient buildings, while their primary business causes wide-scale pollution.

Our core business is green. One reason why resale clothing is becoming so popular, especially among the coveted younger buying demographic of millennials, is because shopping for new clothing is terrible for the environment. Vogue published an article titled, “How Your Fast-Fashion Habit is Harming More than the Earth,” which explains how shopping for new clothes negatively impacts everything from greenhouse gas emissions to workers’ rights and more:

“Producing a single pair of jeans can take more than 10,000 liters of water, one-fifth of a person’s entire personal water consumption in a lifetime,” the publication writes. “And if we’re not clad in cotton, we are usually to be found in a form of polyester. According to the World Resources Institute, world polyester production releases greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to 185 coal-fired power plants every year.”

Kid to Kid is an answer to the questionable practices of fast-fashion. Because our stores sell mainly used products, we keep millions of items from reaching landfills and polluting the earth. The world is precious, and so are our children, and Kid to Kid makes it easy for young and growing families to shop sustainably, and save tons of money at the same time.

“I fell in love with Kid to Kid. We have the opportunity to sell families clothing at a really affordable rate, which allows them to spend more money in our communities, and save more for themselves,” says Kelli Purser, owner of a Kid to Kid store s in Utah. “The ability to give back to the community, help save the environment and help families save money is why Kid to Kid is such an attractive business to own.”

Our Success is Your Success

Kid to Kid is passionately committed to the success of our franchise owners. Over the past 27 years, Kid to Kid has carefully developed a business model that allows entrepreneurs to take advantage of the dynamic resale industry.  We have invested significantly in state-of-the-art technology, marketing experts, and ongoing training platforms to boost franchise owner success.

There are hundreds of attractive markets that are ideal for a Kid to Kid store— and if you’re an entrepreneur with a passion for children, families and providing a meaningful service for your community, Kid to Kid is your opportunity.

“As a franchisor, our goal is to boost the profitability, manageability, and growth of the stores in the system.” says Scott Sloan, CEO of Kid to Kid. We do that by providing world-class franchisee support in all aspects of the business. We have a full-service marketing team, including social media experts that makes it easy for franchisees to invite customers to visit them. Our bookkeeping team helps our franchisees track and meet their financial goals. We have written our own software which helps you manage the buying process and provides detailed data and key performance indicators to help you increase your profits. Our support is robust, and we’re constantly working to ensure that your business has all the tools it needs to thrive.”

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