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Kid to Kid Loves Moms!

For 20 years, Kid to Kid has served communities across the nation with affordable, high-quality resale children’s clothing. Part of our passion as a franchise is giving back, and we have a particular soft spot for moms. Whether they’re expecting, raising growing kids, or interested in opening the business of their dreams, mothers can find a family in Kid to Kid.

Check out the many ways our thriving secondhand clothing business lends a hand to moms everywhere.

Low-cost clothing for kids

Raising children is hard work, especially on a tight budget. Moms know how difficult it can be to find affordable children’s clothing that keeps pace with their growth spurts and doesn’t break the bank. This challenge was part of why Kid to Kid was founded—to give parents an organized, affordable place to find children’s resale clothing. We understand how frustrating it is to discover a child already outgrew that expensive pair of shoes mom bought last fall! At Kid to Kid, moms can find shoes in great shape for a fraction of what they would cost at the mall.

By shopping with Kid to Kid, mothers can spend less time stressing about the cost of their kids’ clothing and more time dressing their children in stylish, new-to-them apparel. Kid to Kid stores offer a range of sizes, colors, and style choices to suit growing families’ needs year-round. Plus, our stores are organized, clean and well-lit, making the shopping experience more pleasant and less stressful for both moms and kids.

Accessible maternity options

Expecting mothers need love, too! New moms are often shocked by how expensive maternity clothing can be. Moms aren’t eager to spend money on clothes they’ll only wear for part of one year. According to Fortune, pregnant women spend $500, on average, on maternity clothes each pregnancy. Those costs really add up, especially when you’re saving for a baby!

That’s why Kid to Kid offers a selection of affordable and high-quality maternity clothing in addition to children’s apparel. Expecting mothers can browse our racks to find comfortable clothing that fits them at every point in their pregnancy and won’t hurt their wallet. Even better, they can sell gently-worn maternity clothing back once their baby arrives—and use that money to buy clothes for their newborn!

Entrepreneurship opportunity

Whether their kids are young or grown up, many moms have a dream of owning their own business. Aside from offering mothers a service, Kid to Kid gives moms the opportunity to pursue their entrepreneurship dream by opening their very own resale store! Many of our current franchise owners are mothers fueled by a passion of helping other moms just like them.

What’s so great about the Kid to Kid franchise model is that it’s accessible to entrepreneurs from a range of backgrounds. Our built-in launch model provides the training needed to develop a successful small business, even without retail experience. Our startup costs are also among the most affordable in the industry.

Franchise ownership also gives moms more flexibility in their schedules. They can build a business they’re proud of, secure their family’s financial future, and have time to spend time with their kids.

We help moms grow and thrive

If you’re a mother who dreams of opening your own business—or you want to support moms as much as we do—consider opening a Kid to Kid! Our children’s resale clothing franchise is the perfect opportunity to build a business while giving back to the community. Our passionate franchisees have helped Kid to Kid expand across the country, and you can too! Request more information to begin your journey.