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Why Child-Focused Resale is a Win

It’s not hard to find resale clothing, whether you’re shopping online, at a consignment store or at a thrift shop. However, what’s not nearly as common is finding a store dedicated solely to baby’s and children’s resale.

Kid to Kid is a leader in the national children’s resale clothing market and in the children’s resale franchise industry. Our stores focus exclusively on resale related to kids pre-teen and down—from children’s clothing and toys to maternity wear to baby gear. By carving this niche out, we’ve positioned our franchises to stand apart in the secondhand industry. And, once the child outgrows the sizes at Kid to Kid, they can shop at our sister resale franchise stores, Uptown Cheapskate.

Take a closer look at why child-focused resale stores like Kid to Kid are such a win!

Wider selection of kids’ items

When other resale stores cater to a wide demographic—from kids to teens to adult men and women—they have to split shelf space accordingly. This means that their selection in each department might be limited. In comparison, Kid to Kid only stocks children’s items. Every shelf and rack in our stores is dedicated to kid’s resale, allowing our owners to offer a broader selection spanning all sizes and styles.

This also means that parents are more likely to find more niche children’s items in our stores. We don’t only sell baby and child clothing. We also sell maternity clothing, baby gear, children’s toys, books and kids’ sports gear. We even stock seasonal items! With our entire store dedicated to all things kid, parents can purchase everything they need to fill their child’s wardrobe in one place.

Faster and simpler shopping

Because Kid to Kid stores cater specifically to children’s apparel, parents can make shopping for their kids faster and easier. There isn’t any struggle to find the sections for children’s clothing or maternity wear like there might be in a department store.

The way Kid to Kid’s racks are organized makes it even easier. Families don’t have to dig through bargain bins to find great items! All our garments are sorted and shelved according to size and color. All families have to do is find the right rack and browse away.

For busy families with anxious kids, our streamlined shopping experience takes the time and stress out of shopping for new clothes.

Better experience for the whole family

Taking kids shopping isn’t always a fun experience. Babies and kids get antsy, and parents worry about their toddlers wandering off while they look through the racks. But at Kid to Kid, we’ve tailored our store layout to make shopping fun for the whole family!

Kids get to enter our stores through their own little pink door, making the trip just a bit more special. Then, almost everything in the store is dedicated to them. They can get involved in the shopping process by helping their parents look at garments and choosing the ones they like best. Plus, thanks to our discounted prices, there will be fewer frustrations related to out-of-budget items!

By creating a kid- and family-friendly ambience in every location, Kid to Kid makes clothes shopping an experience, not a chore.

Renewing customer base

Families are always having kids, and kids always need clothes. Even when one generation of children grows up, another will be born! Kid to Kid’s model allows franchisees to capitalize on a constantly renewing market of parents and their families.

As one family’s children outgrow their clothes, they can bring them into Kid to Kid for resale. This helps another family with younger kids find lightly used, in-style clothing at lower prices. Having a dedicated place for kids’ resale clothing is a boon for any community!

Kid to Kid’s child-focused resale model is a win for families and for franchisees. To learn more about our franchise opportunity, request more information online. A representative will be in touch to get you started!