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Where Should You Open a Kid to Kid?

In the retail industry, where you open your business matters. When you’re preparing to open your Kid to Kid children’s resale clothing franchise, you’ll want to put a lot of care and thought into your store location. Most franchisees want to open a business close to home, but they also need to consider the types of real estate that best suit the business model.

Fortunately, Kid to Kid has prime territories available in all 50 states. This means most franchisees will be able to secure a territory in their preferred region. Consider these factors when deciding where to open your Kid to Kid store.

Kid to Kid fits in almost every market

Our children’s resale clothing business thrives in areas where families and children live. Fortunately for Kid to Kid franchisees, that opens up a world of possibilities when it comes to available markets! As long as there are enough families to sell to, a Kid to Kid store has great potential.

Additionally, Kid to Kid differs from standard retail stores in that every store has unique inventory. What a store offers is almost completely made up of what families from the community bring in to sell. A family could browse the racks of multiple Kid to Kid stores and find entirely different items at each one.

What this means is that Kid to Kid stores can exist in relative proximity to one another. There can be multiple stores in major cities around a given metro area. Our franchise has grown to almost 100 locations already, and there are still plenty of opportunities to take advantage of!

Consider these store location factors

Once you’ve selected a territory, it’s time to select a physical location for your store. This part of the process might seem daunting to some franchisees. There are a ton of real estate opportunities to choose from, so how do you know which one is right?

You can narrow down your site selection by considering factors like these.

  • Parking: One thing all owners must remember is that Kid to Kid serves families. This means parents will likely be bringing their children along to shop. Having ample parking nearby is a must, so moms and dads can get their families in and out of the store safely and with ease. Parking lots are generally safer for young children than street parking.
  • Foot traffic: Like any other retail store, Kid to Kid stores do well in areas with lots of foot traffic. Foot traffic is beneficial for both brand awareness and sales. As parents are out shopping, they can easily pop in to browse the racks. Highly frequented strip malls are also good choices, since shoppers are able to visit multiple stores in one trip. The bottom line is, you want to open your store somewhere that’s easily accessible.
  • Budget: Of course, budget is another huge consideration when selecting your store location. Real estate prices can vary depending on the location, traffic, lease terms and amenities of your building. You’ll want to create a budget for your new business and look for opportunities that minimize rent and overhead costs.

Remember: Owners aren’t alone!

Navigating the launch of your franchise can be daunting—especially if it’s your first time. We like to remind Kid to Kid franchisees that they aren’t alone. There’s an entire team of Kid to Kid staff available to help you through the franchising process! Whether you have questions about available territories or need help securing a lease, our team is here to support you.

In fact, franchisee support is one of the many things that makes Kid to Kid such a great business opportunity! Request information about Kid to Kid’s resale franchise and learn about the suite of training, tools and support you’ll get access to when you join our system.