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Kid to Kid is About Community

At first glance, the Kid to Kid franchise opportunity might look like just another retail venture. However, once you dig deeper, you’ll realize that Kid to Kid is so much more than a store. Our mission is to use our children’s resale clothing franchise to have lasting, positive impacts on our communities.

Beyond great deals, Kid to Kid customers choose us because of our community-focused mindset. By benefiting families, communities and the environment, Kid to Kid does well and does good.


The cost of children’s clothing continues to climb, making it more difficult for families to find in-style, quality children’s clothing year after year without breaking the bank. Kid to Kid’s resale clothing franchise model gives parents the opportunity to purchase gently used, fashionable clothing for their kids at a fraction of the original cost. And, we’re not just an outlet for children’s resale clothing. Parents can also purchase other children’s gear like toys in Kid to Kid stores.

We provide a tremendous service to families with our kids’ resale franchise model. By thoroughly checking each item before accepting and pricing our products for sale, we make it easier for families to buy what they need at prices they can afford.

Our buy-back program is yet another way we empower families on an individual level. Parents can bring used clothing in for resale in exchange for cash or store credit. This helps them save money and makes it easier for them to get more of what their children need.

The neighborhood

When a Kid to Kid store is successful, the community-at-large benefits, too! Parents who save money while shopping for their kids at a children’s resale clothing store have more cash to spend elsewhere. This means more dollars are available to circulate within the local economy, supporting other small businesses.

Kid to Kid franchises are also a local operation in each neighborhood. Your store will employ staff from the community, spreading the wealth even further. And, the buy-back program puts money back in the hands of your neighborhood’s families.

Each of our owners helps support their community’s economy and workforce while building a thriving small business of their own!

The planet

Kid to Kid’s core business is built on sustainability. The fashion industry is the second biggest polluter in the world. Gently used (or even brand-new) clothing is filling landfills globally, and fast fashion requires tens of thousands of liters of water per article to produce.

The majority of the products our stores sell are used, collected from families in the community. By reselling used clothes, the resale franchise industry help keep millions of garments out of landfills every year! When shoppers choose Kid to Kid’s resale items, they also reduce the demand for new fashion items. Choosing used instead of new reduces our shoppers’ carbon footprints by 60–70%.

If we can’t sell a product, we try to recycle it by donating it to charities. This ensures that almost all the products families bring into our stores are given a second life. For sustainable shoppers—especially Millennials and Gen Z parents—our practices make them feel better about buying clothing for their growing kids.

Conscious customers love their communities

There’s a growing segment of customers who are particular about the brands they shop from. Conscious consumerism is huge. Buyers want to know that they’re supporting businesses that are doing good for the world. Kid to Kid attracts families who share our conscious mindset, and that’s how we retain loyal customers!

Benefiting families, neighborhoods and the environment isn’t just a “plus” for Kid to Kid owners. It’s a huge part of why they chose our franchise to begin with. We are looking for passionate, mission-minded and community-focused entrepreneurs to extend our brand across the nation.

Are you interested in opening your very own children’s resale franchise? Learn more about Kid to Kid by requesting information online. We can’t wait to help you begin your journey to supporting families, communities and the planet!