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Our Rigorous Review Ensures Quality Items

“Secondhand” has unfortunately become synonymous with “low-quality” in many buyers’ minds. Kid to Kid franchise is working to change this mindset one store at a time!

Resale clothing and apparel doesn’t have to be damaged, worn out or out of style. In fact, in every one of our stores, we make sure it isn’t! Any time a Kid to Kid owner accepts items for purchase, they check every item for quality and trendiness. This process ensures that every customer’s shopping experience is simple, easy and fun—no damaged goods are found on our racks!

By conducting a rigorous review, Kid to Kid maintains a strong reputation for quality resale children’s items and changes buyers’ opinions about what resale can be.

Kid to Kid accepts a range of resale

Kid to Kid accepts varied items and apparel for resale. This helps give our shoppers a diverse selection of age-appropriate clothing, outerwear, shoes, gear and even entertainment! The most important thing about our buy-back program is that we are looking for stylish, on-trend and name brand items. We want to be able to offer kids’ clothing and apparel that parents would be able to find in a mall—but for a fraction of the price!

Sellers at Kid to Kid stores are most likely to bring in clothing that their children have outgrown or never wore. This can include tops, pants, dresses, sweaters, jackets and shoes. Seasonal items are also accepted, like snow boats, winter coats and swimwear.

Kid to Kid also purchases and sells items for kids’ hobbies, such as sportswear and sports gear as well as dancewear. Parents are often delighted to find high-quality cleats, pads and more at secondhand prices in our stores, because they’re not easily found in other resale or thrift stores.

Children’s entertainment is also a big seller at Kid to Kid. While shopping for new clothes, a toy might catch the eye of a toddler or child. We accept resale toys like building blocks, action figures, dolls and dollhouses. We also accept popular children’s books, like board books, Dr. Suess and Magic Tree House. This way, not only can parents stock their child’s wardrobe—they can also treat them to a new (to them!) toy without breaking the bank.

We review every item

The reason Kid to Kid’s buy-back and resale program is so popular is because of our rigorous review process. Parents wouldn’t feel as comfortable buying a toy or pair of cleats for their child if they didn’t know whether they were quality checked beforehand!

Every time a Kid to Kid store accepts products for resale, our trained staff conducts a thorough review of every single item. For clothes, we start by looking for stains, tears, busted zippers, worn out spots, missing pieces and other broken or worn areas. This ensures that every article of clothing is gently used and still has useable life for the next buyer. Next, we screen clothing based on its size, color and place in current fashion. We don’t want outdated or out-of-style items because our buyers don’t want them, either!

For toys and baby gear, we review each item to ensure they are safe and clean. We even go the extra mile to screen products for recalls and fully inspect equipment, making sure each piece works as intended.

Conducting this rigorous review for each and every buy-back transaction provides more than a few benefits for our customers and franchise owners.

  • Customers know they’re buying high-quality items that aren’t “used up” or damaged—all for a fantastic price.
  • Buyers have a variety of items to choose from, all in style and in demand. This also helps appeal to a broader base of customers with different styles and interests.
  • Kid to Kid maintains a great reputation for selling quality items. Buyers trust that they won’t have to sift through damaged goods on our racks or shelves.

Give your community quality children’s resale

The Kid to Kid franchise opportunity allows family-focused and business-minded entrepreneurs to serve their community with resale clothing and apparel. Our brand has become synonymous with quality and care for children.

If you’re interested in joining the Kid to Kid family by opening a store of your own, request more information about our franchise today!