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Kid to Kid Franchisees are Reinvesting in Our Children’s Resale Clothing Brand

Fueled by a consumer shift away from “fast fashion” and wide-open real estate opportunities, the iconic resale clothing franchise is poised for growth

Leadership and owners at our nearly 30-year-old brand successfully navigated the pandemic and many Kid to Kid children’s resale clothing business owners view now as an opportune time to open additional locations. As things normalize, the resale clothing industry grows and prime real estate becomes readily available, which is why owners are making plans to open additional locations.

photo of children's resale clothing business owner

Thanks to an evergreen customer base of growing families and a consumer shift away from “fast fashion,” our brand started 2021 off on a strong note. Consumers also love supporting locally-owned businesses and Kid to Kid quickly becomes the trusted, go-to place for busy families who want to shop the latest styles for their kids at greatly reduced prices and all under one roof.

Board member and multi-unit owner Chelsea Sloan Carroll is just one franchisee making plans to open additional locations. In fact, she’s making plans to open two. She notes that while the pandemic changed shopping behavior, the demand for high-quality resale clothing continues to rise. The home office support team closely monitors these changing consumer trends and a new proprietary point of sales system helps provide important data so that Kid to Kid owners can reach even more customers.

“Customers are coming in to shop less frequently but they are spending more money when they do,” says Carroll. “The franchisor office and the marketing team are constantly pumping out new marketing ideas. In this post-COVID era, we are completely revamping promotions. The franchise is very engaged with ensuring Kid to Kid continues to be a good investment for both existing and new franchisees.”

Kid to Kid is poised to meet the growing demand for quality resale clothing

Experts predict that the resale clothing industry will reach $64 billion in five years, after growing at an astonishing rate of 39%. The rapid growth that the resale clothing industry is experiencing makes now the perfect time for owners to reinvest in Kid to Kid children’s resale clothing franchises.

As things normalize in 2021 and kids prepare to head back to classrooms this fall, busy parents will be looking for ways to save money. Resale clothing is becoming increasingly popular because shoppers can not only feel good about saving money, but they can take pride in knowing that they have helped reduce environmental waste in some small way.

“I love Kid to Kid because it does good for the community, it does good for the environment, it does good for the owner and it does good for the team,” Carroll says. “For someone who is passionate about kids and kids stuff, and for a person that is ready to come and work for themselves, I think that a Kid to Kid franchise is a really solid investment.”

There are currently about 100 Kid to Kid stores in the U.S., with full market penetration at about 300 stores, meaning there are still many available markets ideally suited for a Kid to Kid. And with real estate in the post-pandemic economy more accessible, our support team available to help with real estate selection and making the process as smooth as possible, there’s never been a better time to reinvest in our time-proven brand.

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