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Owning a Brick and Mortar Children’s Resale Clothing Franchise Has Never Made More Sense

Consumers are loyal to local stores and leasing rates are favorable for store owners

Kid to Kid children’s resale clothing business is a rewarding and potentially profitable business investment for anyone wanting to open a retail concept. We are a one-stop destination that helps families save time and money and embrace an environmentally friendly way of shopping for the latest styles.

Brick and mortar stores that cater to families will continue to be popular destinations in local communities and leasing prices are down. Kids grow quickly, styles change quickly and Kid to Kid shoppers have the added benefit of bringing in their own gently used items for cash or store credit. Clothing also tends to be easier to shop for in person when you can see and feel the material and put outfits together.

Founded almost 30 years ago and with close to 100 locations nationwide, Kid to Kid buys and sells the best clothing items that kids outgrow, attracting consumers from all economic levels. As shopping “gently used” clothing becomes more mainstream, the resale clothing industry continues to flourish, progressing toward $64 billion by 2024. This combined with the fact that property is opening up due to store closures in today’s post-COVID world makes it an attractive time to open a brick and mortar resale clothing store. And, in the case of multi-unit owner Chelsea Sloan, to open additional Kid to Kid stores.

“Because of COVID, there has been several business closures in our community, and our plan is probably to open two more Kid to Kid stores this year. Because of vast real estate available we are cherry-picking territories and expecting for really good deals on rent,” says Sloan. “Landlords have more vacancies than they have had in the past, so it really has gone from a landlord’s market to a lessor’s market and there are a lot of really good deals to be had.”

With 2021 seeing more and more people making their dreams of business ownership a reality and real estate opportunities becoming more readily available, our iconic children’s resale clothing franchise is worth looking into.

Kid to Kid is a local business you can feel good about owning

People are seeking ways to live “green” in their daily lives and that transcends to their wardrobe. This combined with a desire to save money and shop small rather than head to the traditional mall is attracting busy families to Kid to Kid. According to a Red Egg Marketing survey, 82% of shoppers say they would rather support a local business, not to mention the fact that Kid to Kid features multiple brands under one roof.

“A lot of people can’t afford to pay full price for clothes their kids will quickly grow out of, and the fact that we allow our customers to sell their clothes back, which we can use or donate to charities, is not only environmentally responsible, it’s a much-needed service to our community,” says Michelle Talley, owner of a Kid to Kid in Tonawanda, NY. “It’s the circle of life — this business — and it’s really special to be a part of it.”

Kid to Kid is also a resale retail concept that evokes a sense of pride in owners. We are known for bright, modern and aesthetically pleasing stores that incomparable to a typical thrift store.

We also provide owners with world-class support through our parent company, BaseCamp Franchising. Most of our owners don’t have experience in the resale clothing industry, so our support ensures that you have what it takes to successfully run and operate your store — from operations and admin assistance, to help with finding the ideal location for your store and negotiating lease agreements.

“It’s a very exciting time for Kid to Kid,” says Dave Martell, Director of Franchise Development with Kid to Kid. “We are coming off a strong year despite the global pandemic, and there are a lot of markets that really need a Kid to Kid store. We’ll work with you to help you reach your lifestyle goals: whether that’s owning one store that allows you to juggle work and family or creating a multi-store empire that can be a major income generator. If you are organized, love working with people, and have an entrepreneurial spirit, we can fill in the rest. This is an outstanding business opportunity that really makes sense right now.”

Ready to start your new career as a children’s resale clothing franchise owner?

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