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K2K Isn’t Just Thrifty—We’re Charitable!

Kid to Kid is a fantastic franchise opportunity for entrepreneurs who want to build a community-focused business and take control of their financial future. However, our business model is about more than just dollars. A core part of our culture is about giving back.

Simply by operating their stores, Kid to Kid owners make a difference in the lives of thousands of people every year. Not only do we help growing families find high-quality, affordable clothing for their children, we also participate in numerous charitable efforts to expand our impact globally.

Lending a helping hand

Every single day, Kid to Kid engages in charitable business practices. Our model relies on the purchase and sale of secondhand clothing for babies, children, and expectant mothers. Customers bring in their used clothing and children’s gear, and we buy it to sell to other families. However, we aren’t able to buy and resell everything that comes through our doors.

If we determine that a garment or item is not viable for resale, we don’t just give it back. We offer customers the option to donate their unwanted items—and we make it easy for them to do so! Kid to Kid stores accepts and donate used children’s clothing on our shoppers’ behalf. We’ll even provide a tax receipt so those customers have proof of their donations. This way, thousands of items are passed along to local organizations like women’s shelters, youth groups, and foster care centers each year. Store owners get to choose which local organizations to support, keeping their donation efforts even closer to their hearts.

This creates a win-win-win for our owners, customers, and community members. Shoppers get cash or store credit for items we’re able to resell and save time and effort by donating the remaining items to charity. Families in need get more clothing and gear from the charities we support with donations. And, store owners get the satisfaction of knowing they’re making a difference every day!

Building on our impact

Our charitable efforts don’t stop at local donations, either. Kid to Kid has expanded its culture of giving back on a global scale! Through multiple charity fundraising events, we’ve helped build over 20 schools in developing countries.

Twice a year, Kid to Kid stores and our sister company, Uptown Cheapskate, host “Fill-a-Bag” sales to raise money for our charity partner, buildOn. Customers pay just $15 to stuff as many items into a bag as they can, and we donate all the money directly to buildOn. The organization then visits countries around the world and partners with communities to build educational facilities. By using local materials, land and volunteer labor, buildOn empowers communities and gives children access to a quality education.

Since 2015, Kid to Kid and our network of stores has raised over $657,000 for buildOn! We look forward to continuing to fundraise for the organization and build even more schools around the world.

Ready to make a difference?

Between assisting families in every community we’re a part of, donating used items to local charities and participating in global charity efforts, Kid to Kid makes a big impact on every level. We want our franchise store owners to share our passion for giving back.

The Kid to Kid investment opportunity is the perfect choice for entrepreneurs who also want to do good things for their communities and for the planet. Because of our widespread charitable impact, we attract passionate and caring owners who are driven to make a difference.

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