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Kid’s Resale is Great for Special Events

Families need affordable children’s clothing at all times of the year, especially as they outgrow their old garments. But one segment, in particular, is a great fit for kids’ resale clothing stores like Kid to Kid: special events clothing.

When children need dressier outfits for holidays and celebrations, high-quality resale clothing is a great choice both financially and aesthetically! Take a closer look at how Kid to Kid is well-positioned to serve families in need of special event clothing for birthdays, weddings, costume parties, and more.

Parents don’t want to spend on single-wear outfits

Parents love to dress their kids up in special event wear. Unfortunately, these garments are often expensive at traditional retail stores. What’s even worse is that most children won’t get to wear these outfits more than once or twice. As kids grow, that pricey dress or adorable 4th of July outfit won’t fit anymore.

This means that spending a ton of money on holiday-specific or special event wear simply isn’t practical. Budgets are already tight for everyday kids’ clothing. The average American family lacks the funds to buy high-end children’s outfits for every special occasion.

This is where resale kids’ clothing has a chance to shine. Secondhand children’s clothing at Kid to Kid can be found discounted up to 70% off retail prices. These kinds of deals make “fancy” clothes much more accessible. By making outfits for holidays and celebrations more affordable, we help parents find cute clothes for all their family events!

Quality resale is key for special events

It’s not enough to have discounted items, though. When families attend special events and holiday celebrations, they want everyone to look their very best. Stains, tears, and other signs of damage aren’t ideal for family photos!

What differentiates Kid to Kid from other secondhand stores is that we only accept the highest-quality items for resale. Every garment goes through a rigorous review process, where we check for signs of wear and tear. We also verify that the clothing is in style, so shoppers find today’s fashion on our racks. Many of our items have been sold to us with the tags still attached!

Through our review process, Kid to Kid ensures that every item in our stores is fashionable, gently used, and high-quality. This way, parents trust that they’ll find items that work perfectly for parties and events, even if they’ve been worn before. Thanks to our quality assurance, nobody will know that they didn’t pay full price!

Special events bring in recurring revenue

Holidays and special events are a great point of focus for Kid to Kid franchise owners. Not only are these items in demand, they’ll stay in demand. Celebrations and holidays are always occurring, and families will need appropriate outfits every year as their children grow.

Kid to Kid’s routinely shifting inventory makes serving the special event market possible. Families are able to sell their kids’ old holiday outfits as they outgrow them, bringing new options into our stores. In the lead up to holidays like the 4th of July, Halloween, or Christmas, buyers can browse our selection of patriotic outfits, kids’ costumes, and dress clothes. We also tend to have a rotating inventory of dresses, skirts, slacks, and shirts for birthday parties, weddings, and other events.

By having a consistent selection of high-quality kids’ clothing at discounted prices, Kid to Kid draws families in and keeps them coming back month after month, year after year. No longer do they need to save up for expensive costumes and party clothes. Families can come to Kid to Kid for all their special event needs.

Kid to Kid is eager to expand across the nation by bringing on passionate, business-minded franchise owners eager to make a difference. If this sounds like you, contact Kid to Kid to learn more about our children’s resale clothing opportunity.