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Real-Estate Opportunities Make Now a Great Time to Start a Children’s Resale Clothing Business

Entrepreneurs are in an advantageous position to capitalize on real-estate opportunities with fast-growing resale clothing franchise

Times of crisis are incomplete without a silver lining – and for entrepreneurs ready to start a children’s resale clothing business, the silver lining that exists now is the ample real-estate opportunities that exist from coast to coast.

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It’s no secret that the pandemic caused tremendous upheaval in the retail sector, with millions of businesses forced to close. NPR reports that “commercial real-estate vacancies are rising during the pandemic,” and much of it is sitting empty throughout the country. This puts entrepreneurs into an advantageous position of capitalizing on terrific locations with landlords who are ready to strike a deal.

“There’s an incredible amount of prime real-estate available,” says Chelsea Sloan Carrol, board member of Kid to Kid. “Our franchise owners are well-positioned to reap the benefits of better lease agreements, and we’re seeing increased interest from entrepreneurs who are ready to join our brand to take advantage of the current trends. What you pay for a location determines your profit potential, and what you have to make in sales, and by negotiating better terms, our franchise owners have a lot to gain by going into business this year.”

Why a brick and mortar resale clothing franchise is a smart choice right now

While many retail categories will continue to struggle as the economy bounces back, the resale clothing industry isn’t one of them.

Resale clothing is growing at an astonishing rate and is expected to reach $64 billion in the next five years. This strong growth is the result of changing buying behaviors that result from living through the pandemic. Consumers, and especially the young families that Kid to Kid serves, are tightening their budgets and looking to save money wherever they can.

Kid to Kid franchise locations provide exactly that. Our stores are unlike anything you’ve experienced in the resale clothing space. They have a high-end feel and products that are vetted and selected for their quality, fashion, and seasonality. Our expertly curated stores are destinations for young parents, as they can save up to 90% off traditional retail prices.

Just as importantly, Kid to Kid also buys back clothing from families – giving much-needed cash for lightly used clothes. It’s a win-win for our franchise owners and the environment, as they always need merchandise, and they keep these items out of our landfills. Kid to Kid franchise owners also donate the items they cannot buy back to local charities, adding another important service to their communities.

“We’ve created a retail environment that appeals to mainstream shoppers,” says Brent Sloan, Co-Founder of Kid to Kid. “Over the past several years, as the retail apocalypse has closed many brick-and-mortar stores, we’ve enjoyed record sales. Although internet shopping is growing rapidly, moms still want to shop in a high-quality store that they trust, where they can have their kids try on several items in one sitting. They love the fact that they can cash in on the items the kids have outgrown. Millennials especially like choice, and at Kid to Kid they can select from thousands of items priced at one-third of regular retail. Kid to Kid’s core business is sustainable shopping.”

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