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Kid to Kid Thrives in the Summer Season

Dressing kids in summer is complicated. As families save up for the inevitable back-to-school shopping season, their children need comfortable clothes appropriate for play at home, on vacation, and more. And when kids have outgrown last summer’s swimsuits and shorts, buying new ones can be a drain on mom and dad’s bank account.

It’s this reason why children’s resale franchises like Kid to Kid thrive in summer. We give parents the opportunity to find great-quality kids’ clothing without cost of buying new. By tapping into the community’s warm-weather needs, Kid to Kid owners can position themselves for back-to-back seasonal success.

Families need kids’ resale in summer

Everyone knows kids grow quickly. This is especially obvious in summer, when parents dig out the shorts, tank tops and sandals their kids haven’t worn since last year and discover they no longer fit. Few families have the budget to spend on an entirely new summer wardrobe every single year, especially for multiple growing kiddos! It’s even harder for parents to justify spending lots of cash for clothes their kids might only wear for a few months.

Summer clothes are also more likely to get dirty, damaged, or worn-out. Instead of sitting at desks, kids are playing outside and exploring. More often than not, their fresh, new summer clothes will look tattered by the season’s end as a result of great memories playing in the dirt, enjoying the playground, hiking your favorite trails, or riding bikes.

Children’s resale clothing is the perfect choice for cost-conscious families with growing kids. Secondhand apparel is far less expensive than clothes found at the mall, making it easier to stock a summer wardrobe without breaking the bank. Plus, when that cute shirt gets a popsicle stain, it’s less of a loss!

Get your Kid to Kid up and running for next summer

The Kid to Kid opening process takes between 8 and 12 months to get your franchise ready for your grand opening, so now’s the time to seriously consider where you want to be next summer…and that could be owning and operating your very own booming resale business.

Are you interested in becoming your own boss and running a secondhand clothing store that benefits you and your community? Learn more about Kid to Kid’s children’s resale franchise opportunity! Reach out online, and a franchise representative will get in touch.