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Why Do Millennials Love Shopping at Kid to Kid Franchise Stores?

Kid to Kid is the perfect place to shop for young, growing families

Millennials, which include those born between the early 1980s and the mid-1990s, are some of the most fashion-savvy, value-hunting buyers in the nation, making them an important part of business for merchants. Brittany Tucker, owner of Kid to Kid, a resale shop in Grapevine, Texas, stated that millennial shoppers want the best brands for the best price, which is why they often turn to resale shops for amazing finds.

Kid to Kid store owners in the Dallas-Fort Worth area understand that millennials are interested in acquiring fashionable pieces without having to pay the steep prices that often come with them, which is why they only sell clothing that meets resell quality standards in an environmentally-friendly environment that appeals to the frugal attitude of these coveted consumers. Additionally, unlike consignment shops, customers who sell their pre-loved items are able to get cash at the register, or 20% more in store credit. For those who choose to donate their items, they can opt to get a tax credit form for their charitable giving.

The forward-thinking resale shop also engages customers through social media, such as Facebook and Instagram, further signifying how in-tune they are with millennials. Having an online presence is important for businesses, especially since one of the main ways millennials conduct research is through the internet, including online reviews. According to Bryant Schwegman, an owner of the Kid to Kid location in Frisco, “They are educated consumers who have likely researched what they want to buy, and where they want to shop, before they ever leave the house.”

About Kid to Kid

Kid to Kid began when Shauna and Brent Sloan opened their first retail location in Utah, named “Kidstuff.” Shauna was an avid bargain hunter who sought to begin a franchise that was recession-proof, allowing consumers to enjoy an exciting shopping experience at slashed prices. Its concept not only benefits consumers by providing top brands for less, it adds value to the local community.