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5 Benefits of Owning a Kid to Kid

Passionate entrepreneurs have their pick of unique franchise opportunities these days. Every business has its own niche and benefits, so it’s important to find the ones that best match your personal values and interests. Kid to Kid, the nation’s leading children’s resale clothing franchise, comes with a host of benefits that provide tremendous job satisfaction and catapult our owners to success.

Check out just five of our favorite Kid to Kid benefits for franchisees.

1. Growing industry and brand

Nobody wants to purchase a franchise in a stagnant industry. Kid to Kid franchisees benefit from entering an industry that’s both thriving today and poised to grow tomorrow. More shoppers than ever before are exploring a resale clothing franchise business and finding great rewards as a result!

The overall resale industry has been booming. In 2021, the global secondhand market reached $36 billion—and this number is expected to double in the next five years. Resale clothing’s growth is actually expected to outpace growth in the traditional retail clothing industry between now and 2025.

This industry growth has translated to growth within our franchise system. Today, Kid to Kid has over 100 locations nationwide. We’re quickly becoming a household name across the United States, and more families are heading to our stores to see what we’re all about. New franchise stores are capitalizing on our growth along with the industry at large.

2. Sustainable business model

Sustainability is a major point of focus for both customers and business owners. In order to take care of our planet, we want to run our business as efficiently and with as little waste as possible. Thankfully, Kid to Kid has been a “green” business from day one!

Our eco-friendly clothing stores were founded on the sustainable benefits of resale. Instead of producing and selling all new items, Kid to Kid takes gently-used, quality apparel from the community and extends its life by selling to other families. Year after year, our upcycling model has kept millions of garments out of landfills and reduced energy, water, and pollution.

Not only is our green business good for the planet, it’s also good for business. Approximately 77% of millennials want to shop from environmentally conscious brands. By promoting our sustainability efforts, Kid to Kid continues to win over conscious consumers and expand our impact.

3. Community-focused culture

Although Kid to Kid is a fantastic retail business model with tremendous financial potential, but we are so much more than that! Community is a core piece of our daily operations. We think of our brand as a family (which was started by the Sloan family in the 1990s) helping other families.

By offering high-quality children’s clothing at low prices, we help families save money on garments and gear. This means kids are able to have comfortable, stylish clothing each season without breaking the bank.

On the community level, Kid to Kid owners support the local economy by providing jobs and circulating money within the neighborhood. Your small business ensures dollars stay in local families’ pockets.

And, of course, Kid to Kid is a family in and of itself. Our corporate team offers world-class franchisee support to ensure you’re running your business as effectively as possible. When you open your own Kid to Kid store, you’ll be joining a network of like-minded business owners who also care about community, innovation and entrepreneurship.

4. Recession-resistant business

On top of operating in a growing industry, Kid to Kid’s franchise model is inherently resistant to economic downtowns and recessions. Our owners can rest easy knowing that in times of distress, their stores are more likely to stay stable than their traditional retail counterparts.

Every growing child needs clothing—it’s not a luxury families can do without. By offering the necessities, Kid to Kid makes itself a staple for local parents. The cost savings we offer is another huge benefit. Regardless of how the economy is faring, families can find great quality for low prices in our stores.

5. Opportunity to scale

Kid to Kid gives passionate entrepreneurs the opportunity to grow. After launching one store, you’ll have the ability to scale your sales within your community by marketing and offering rotating inventory. After training a full staff and stabilizing your investment, you may even decide to open another store in a new territory!

The Kid to Kid franchise model gives eager entrepreneurs ample opportunities for growth—both on a personal and professional level. We’re always looking for passionate, family-focused business owners to expand our brand and make a difference in their local communities. Request more information about our children’s resale franchise today to get started.