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Help Families Stretch Back to School Budgets

School is almost in session! For families with young kids, the start of the school year means back-to-school shopping. Compiling supply lists and trying on school clothes that haven’t been worn in a few months means creating a list of necessary expenses in the near future, and parents considering ways to make the most of their back-to-school family budget.

A growing number of families are turning to less-expensive alternatives like children’s resale clothing stores to stock their kids’ closets without breaking the bank. Having a Kid to Kid secondhand clothing store nearby is a saving grace for many households across the nation.

How much do families spend on back-to-school?

Each year, parents spend more and more money on back-to-school supplies, technology, books and, of course, clothing for their kids.

According to a 2022 Back-To-School survey by Deloitte, parents expect to spend approximately $661 per student in grades K-12 this back-to-school season. The industry has hit a new high, totaling $34.4 billion. Clothing and shoes are some of the most common items parents will be shopping for. Per a 2021 survey, clothing and accessories were the second-highest spend category during back-to-school, with parents expecting to spend $253.46, on average.

Inflation is also an issue, as families are having to pay more than last year. Prices for just about everything are on the rise, meaning all budgets—not just clothing budgets—are tighter. According to the Deloitte survey, over half (57 percent) of surveyed K-12 parents are concerned about the increase in back-to-school product pricing.

Resale is a smart choice for back-to-school shopping

It’s easy to see how overwhelming back-to-school shopping can be for a family with one or more children. The more kids a family has, the more parents have to spend to properly outfit them for school! This is why so many families are turning to resale clothing stores like Kid to Kid.

Secondhand clothing is less expensive than apparel found at traditional retail stores but typically holds comparable quality. For kids who are growing like weeds, resale garments are a sensible choice for back-to-school outfits. Families simply don’t have the money to routinely buy market-priced jeans, shoes and dresses when their kids grow out of them in a few short months.

The risk is also lower with secondhand clothing. Kids aren’t always careful with their clothes, and their outfits are easily stained, soiled and damaged–sometimes even lost! It’s frustrating to learn that little Jenny’s brand-new raincoat was misplaced on the playground, or to discover that Timmy’s pants suddenly have a hole in the knee. Secondhand clothing costs less, meaning parents are out less when these accidents happen.

At the end of the day, finding high-quality, low-cost garments is a top priority for most growing families. By shopping at Kid to Kid, families can make sure their kids have all the clothes they need for the new school year without going overboard on their budgets.

The Kid to Kid difference

Kid to Kid remains a national leader in the resale clothing market for a few key reasons. Our stores are organized, clean and inviting, so every visit is a pleasant one. Parents can easily find what their children need without digging through bins, which makes the shopping experience faster and easier. And, we quality-check every garment to make sure it’s only gently used and in great condition. Name brands? Yes, we have them. Broken zippers? Nope, not here.

As growing families in your community face rising costs and tight back-to-school budgets, make their lives easier by opening a Kid to Kid resale clothing franchise! With the goal of providing an affordable and sustainable way to shop, Kid to Kid offers benefits for families, communities and the entire planet. Request information about our franchise opportunity and get started on your journey to store ownership.