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Word-of-Mouth Adds to Franchise Success

Parents talk. Raising kids is no simple feat, and it truly takes a village to help children grow up in today’s world. Like-minded families are constantly seeking advice and sharing parenting tips and tricks. It’s this word-of-mouth sharing that makes child-focused businesses like Kid to Kid a great bet.

While traditional advertising can still drive results, locally focused franchises benefit even more from communities of parents who share with one another. When you own a Kid to Kid franchise, word-of-mouth advertising from happy customers can deliver tremendous success. Here’s why.

Parents help spread the word

At daycare, in a community Facebook group, over the backyard fence—no matter where they are, parents like talking to each other. Families learn from and share with other families as a way to connect and build community, and they talk about their kids to do it.

Shared challenges are inevitable topics of conversation for parents, too. Questions like, “Where did you buy his jeans?” or, “Do you know of any places to find affordable shoes?” are all too common in parenting circles.

If even one parent knows about Kid to Kid, it opens up the opportunity to spread the word about your business. Those parents might tell another, and another, and another. Soon, your business is booming with parents eager to check out the latest affordable, trendy option for kids’ clothing!

Word-of-mouth advertising is even stronger when social impact is involved, especially for Millennial families. People like sharing ways to give back or do good in their communities. Kid to Kid offers both a way to stimulate the local economy and reduce families’ environmental impact. When parents discover these benefits, they’re even more likely to share with their friends.

Word-of-mouth builds trust

Modern consumers are hyper-sensitive to traditional advertising. They don’t like being “sold to.” Instead, they prefer building connections with brands they trust. This is especially true for brands related to their children. Parents want to know that the items they buy for their kids are safe, clean and high-quality. If they understand and connect with a brand, they’re more likely to trust them.

Word-of-mouth advertising helps build trust in the Kid to Kid franchise even before parents walk through your doors. Parents are more inclined to listen when a trusted friend recommends a great resale shop they frequent. When other families they know regularly shop and sell at your business, new families know their money is going to a trustworthy and valuable source.

Happy customers drive new business

If there’s one thing that owners of Kid to Kid franchises can count on, it’s parents talking to other parents. Just a few parents excited about finding their child inexpensive new jeans can create a web of families talking about your resale business. For this reason, keeping customers satisfied and happy is paramount to our business model.

Kid to Kid makes shopping for resale clothing fast, easy and fun for busy families. Not only can they browse thousands of like-new items that are well organized, they can also earn money for their children’s used clothes as they shop. Our bright, colorful store interiors are welcoming to parents and children alike and make the shopping experience that much more engaging. And, our unbeatable prices paired with great quality make buying from Kid to Kid a parenting no-brainer.

Owners of Kid to Kid franchises have the opportunity to capitalize on the growing resale clothing industry and the inevitability of family-focused word-of-mouth. Want to learn more about our children’s resale clothing business? Fill out our online contact form to discover why Kid to Kid might be the right investment for you!