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Why Our Children’s Resale Clothing Business is Better Than Our Competitors

Kid to Kid children’s resale clothing business is committed to helping young families

Kid to Kid children’s resale clothing business was founded to provide young families with a beautiful place to shop for lightly used clothes for their children. This was 1992, and at the time, there was nothing like Kid to Kid on the market.

There still isn’t.

Nearly 30 years later, Kid to Kid is the premier resale children’s clothing franchise in the nation. Our stores take away all of the stigmas for shopping resale because our stores don’t feel like other resale stores. Kid to Kid stores are bright, colorful places that are highly organized and packed with high-quality, name-brand clothes in the latest fashions and styles.

And everything is a fraction of the resale price. It’s no wonder that many of our franchise owners have been in business for years, and it’s why we’re such an integral part of the communities we serve.

“We’ve created a retail environment that appeals to mainstream shoppers,” says Brent Sloan, Co-Founder of Kid to Kid. “Over the past several years, as the retail apocalypse has closed many brick-and-mortar stores, we’ve enjoyed record sales. Although internet shopping is growing rapidly, moms still want to shop in a high-quality store that they trust, where they can have their kids try on several items in one sitting. They love the fact that they can cash in on the items the kids have outgrown. Millennials especially like choice, and at Kid to Kid, they can select from thousands of items priced at one-third of regular retail. Kid to Kid’s core business is sustainable shopping.”

Resale is more relevant than ever before

In times of economic uncertainty, Americans look for ways to save money. While clothing children is one of the most expensive tasks parents carry out, shopping resale significantly reduces the costs.

“Kids grow faster than paychecks,” Sloan says. “Kid to Kid provides a tremendous service to young parents in communities across the nation by helping them save on buying clothing for their growing kids and giving them money for the items they’re no longer using. As a franchise system, Kid to Kid is an incredible opportunity. Not only is the customer base constantly renewing itself, but our business model is recession-resistant and minimizes our impact on the environment. This business is a win-win for franchisees and their customers alike.”

Parents looking to save money is only one reason why Kid to Kid is a recession-resistant opportunity.

Consumer behavior is drastically changing. We’re far more aware that where we spend our money matters, and consumers know that resale is far more eco-friendly than shopping new. The fast-fashion industry is one of the largest polluters in the globe, and it’s not a coincidence that resale is growing at a much faster rate than fast-fashion overall.

This means that Kid to Kid is more relevant than ever before. By providing a place where people can shop ethically, save money, and feel great about the experience, our franchise owners strengthen their communities we serve just by being open.

Invest in a better future with a Kid to Kid children’s resale clothing franchise

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