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Strong Support Makes Kid To Kid A Leader In The Kids Consignment Franchise Industry

While it seems like the worlds of fashion and commerce are just catching up to the power of the clothing resale industry, the minds behind Kid to Kid have been building a nationwide network of thriving business owners. Through its franchise clothing stores, Kid to Kid is a disruptor in children’s resale. We’ve totally redefined the resale model, and we’ve done it alongside our happy franchise owners.

You can be part of this fun and vibrant brand with your own Kid to Kid clothing franchise business! Owners in our network trust our experience and systems, and they rest easy knowing that our franchise support team has their back every step of the way. Our high-touch, personalized support drives the growth of Kid to Kid franchise owners and fuels a tight-knit and cooperative culture within our organization.

Targeted help for each Kid to Kid franchise clothing store

The personalized support franchise owners receive from the Kid to Kid team helps build their confidence and drives their growth. We treat each of our family-friendly franchise owners with “Kid” gloves, guiding them through the startup process and beyond. From the moment an investor is awarded a Kid to Kid clothing store franchise, they get help with site selection, store design, and exclusive relationships with approved equipment vendors for our specialty displays, shelving and other fixtures.

Our franchise development team stays with new franchise owners throughout the entire build-out process to ensure smooth progress on their new store. This high level of attention is especially appreciated by those who don’t possess a background in sales or retail, like Kid to Kid franchisee Kori Forney.

“For somebody who has no experience at all in this industry, I can’t believe the support that’s surrounding me,” said Forney, a franchise owner in Medford, Oregon. “I have never had an experience with the Kid to Kid team that was anything but supportive, exceptional and over and beyond what I expect. I have always felt that wind beneath my sails.”

Once the kid-friendly franchise store is remodeled, then it’s time to install Kid to Kid’s computer systems, including our proprietary product-valuation software . As the process unfolds, franchise owners are encouraged to access our IT support team for any help with setup and implementation.

Additionally, our franchise support team is made up of subject-matter experts who are passionate about helping Kid to Kid children’s clothing franchise owners thrive. They are the same individuals who make themselves available to help when franchisees have questions or need advice.

“Whether it’s an employee problem or legal problem, I know I can pick up the phone or send an email and someone will respond very quickly — almost always within the same day,” Forney said.

Connecting the owners of Kid to Kid consignment franchise stores

Kid to Kid is a family company, and we truly value the interpersonal connections we create through our franchise offering. Not only are these relationships personally satisfying, but they also encourage growth among our franchise owners.

We encourage owners of our kids franchises to connect with one another to share stories, best practices and ideas for improvement. Kid to Kid organizes regional meetings and performance groups for franchise owners to encourage each other toward improvement and foster teamwork. It’s one aspect of the baby products franchise that owners have come to count on, including Leily Kiani, who owns a Kid to Kid store in Rockville, Maryland.

“The other Kid to Kid store owners are a wealth of knowledge,” Kiani said. “It’s so great to know that you are not alone and that you can count on them to tell you their experience.”

The moral support between franchisees offers a sense of camaraderie, of course, but these interactions can also bolster a fellow franchisee’s bottom line, as well. Shared performance data allows franchise owners to observe the system’s top performers, and gain from their experience and tactics.

“I know that if I need to work through a strategy or if I have a question, I can contact a store owner who’s maybe having stronger sales than I am in a particular area,” Forney said.

Join the most mature kids franchise on the market

Kid to Kid provides our kids consignment franchise owners with an outstanding franchise experience, and our support system only grows as our network expands. Learn more about opening your own Kid to Kid children’s clothing franchise store by sending us a message or calling us at (855) 981-9157.