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Booming Resale Clothing Industry Makes Now the Perfect Time to Start a Children’s Resale Clothing Business

Iconic children’s resale franchise is thriving alongside a rapidly growing category

The resale clothing industry is growing faster than anyone anticipated, and as consumers change their buying behavior to become more budget-conscious, its popularity will continue to grow. Experts even predict that the resale clothing industry will reach $64 billion in five years, after growing at an astonishing rate of 39%. The rapid growth that the resale clothing industry is experiencing makes now the perfect time to start a children’s resale clothing business. Our iconic stores are lifelines to their communities, as they allow young parents to save up to 90% on retail prices on high-quality, in-fashion clothes for their children. They also allow young parents to get cash for the clothes that their children outgrow, providing a much-needed boost to families on a budget.

mom who wants to start a children's resale clothing business

“The category is really exploding,” says Chelsea Sloan Carrol, board member with the Kid to Kid franchise. “We’re well-positioned to grow alongside the industry, as our stores provide a high-quality shopping experience that’s unlike anything else in the retail clothing industry. Our stores are highly curated, and the items we carry are vetted for quality and fashion, and we’ve helped to erase any stigma associated with shopping resale because our stores feel like high-end stores. And because we buy clothing back from our customers, we give young families much needed cash for their gently used clothes – which is more important than ever before.”

The resale boom is going to last a long, long time

The changes in consumer buying behavior are here to stay, as shopping new becomes a thing of the past. Consumers who are budget-minded, especially the young families that Kid to Kid serves, will not be returning to buying new with the force that they once did. Instead, they’re shopping used – and the impact on the economy and the environment will be all the better for it.

According to ThredUp, resale is expected to grow 5X over the next five years, while retail is expected to shrink.

“Bargain hunting, environmental concerns, and the sharing economy have erased the stigma of used goods at the same time technology has made thrift shopping more accessible, reliable and cool,” The Wall Street Journal reports. “Even Kim Kardashian West wears vintage designer duds.”

By being a brick and mortar store in the heart of the communities we serve, Kid to Kid shoppers know that they’re shopping for more than deals. Every item of clothing that they buy or sell back is an item of clothing that doesn’t end up in a landfill – and with fast-fashion being amongst the world’s top polluters, this is a big deal.

Our stores continue to meet demand despite the pandemic, and Kid to Kid is poised to grow alongside the booming resale clothing industry for years to come. If you love the idea of owning a business that meets a real need in your community, as well as benefits the environment, owning a Kid to Kid franchise is a wise choice.

“Kids grow faster than paychecks,” says Scott Sloan, CEO of the franchise brand. “Kid to Kid provides a tremendous service to young parents in communities across the nation by helping them save on buying clothing for their growing kids and giving them money for the items they’re no longer using. As a franchise system, Kid to Kid is an incredible opportunity. Not only is the customer base constantly renewing itself, but our business model is recession-resistant and minimizes our impact on the environment. This business is a win-win for franchisees and their customers alike.”

Start a Children’s Resale Clothing Business

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