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Kid to Kid is Fun for the Family

Shopping for clothes is something a lot of parents don’t enjoy. Kids aren’t always easy to bring into stores, and they quickly become bored with the monotony of picking out items. Kid to Kid understands this challenge, which is why we’ve designed our children’s resale stores to be kid-friendly.

From our little pink doors to our organized garment racks, Kid to Kid stores make shopping fun for the entire family! No longer do moms and dads need to worry about bringing their kids to shop. We make the shopping experience fun, easy and stress-free for people of all ages. Here’s how.

Little pink doors welcome kids in

First impressions matter—even for children! At Kid to Kid, we welcome kiddos into our stores with a very special experience. They can choose to go through our little pink door—a smaller, brightly colored door just for them.

It may seem small to adults, but our little pink doors put smiles on kids’ faces every single day. They make the store feel more exciting and like an adventure, rather than a chore. Kids are sure to remember Kid to Kid based on this unique element.

Bright, open atmosphere makes families feel safe

Although Kid to Kid offers discounted resale clothing, our locations don’t follow the traditional thrift store model. Shoppers aren’t entering a dark, dingy store to find our deals. Kid to Kid stores are brightly lit, extremely clean, open and organized.

Not only does this make the atmosphere much more pleasant, it also helps families feel more comfortable bringing their kids in to shop. Kids can browse the aisles safely while their parents keep a close eye out.

Organized layout makes shopping easier

Any kid is bound to get cranky if they’re shopping for too long. Most families aim to get in and out of stores as quickly and efficiently as possible. This isn’t always easy at thrift or resale stores, where shoppers have to spend time digging through bins and scouring racks to find the best deals. Kid to Kid makes things different.

Our stores are well-organized to make it easy for parents to find what they need. Racks and shelves are organized by clothing type, size and color. There’s no more digging to find boy’s medium pants or a girl’s size 5 shoe. Everything is right there, within reach.

Fitting rooms get kids involved

Great organization also means that kids can get involved in the fun! Families can direct their young ones to a specific rack and let them pick out garments they like best without any major surprises. The size will be right—and so will the price! Because most of our items are discounted up to 70% off retail, there will be fewer arguments over a child’s favorite item being too expensive for the family budget.

It’s also frustrating for parents to buy clothes and have their kids try them on at home, only to discover they don’t fit. Kid to Kid has fitting rooms available at all stores to make the shopping process smoother. When kids find an outfit they love, they can try it on right there, in store, to make sure it’s worth the purchase.

Serve kids in your community with Kid to Kid

How Kid to Kid supports growing families goes far beyond the discounted clothing we have for sale. It’s also about how we make kids and their families feel in our stores and the reasons we give for them to return. Our franchise is family-friendly in a multitude of ways, showcasing our deep commitment to parents, kids and the community.

Are you interested in opening your very own children’s resale store that’s fun for children and their families? Kid to Kid is seeking driven, passionate entrepreneurs who want to make a difference with their community-serving business. Request more information today!