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Learn How to Run Your Own Children’s Clothing Franchise

Kid to Kid resale clothing franchise is a perfect fit for entrepreneurs who are passionate about helping families

When people — franchise investors and shoppers alike — learn about Kid to Kid, they quickly realize it’s not just another retail store. For shoppers, their local Kid to Kid garments franchise offers a reliable place to find high-quality like-new clothing and accessories for a discounted price.

Franchise investors find out about Kid to Kid’s winning retail model, but something else sticks out to them as well. They appreciate our personalized and comprehensive approach to franchisee development. Kid to Kid helps those who invest in a children’s franchise with us to understand the marketplace and the best practices for setting up a business poised for long-term growth.

Our training programs have been developed throughout our 25 years in business, and are presented by individuals who are at the top levels of our organization. Kid to Kid gives its children’s clothing franchise owners every advantage to come out of the gate strong and grow for generations!

Start with at-home training for our kids garments franchise

Kid to Kid’s extensive kids garments franchise training begins with an at-home program that takes, on average, about 30 hours to complete. This training, which you complete on your home computer, incorporates a mix of video tutorials, PowerPoint presentations, and multiple written materials.

It covers the following facets of running a Kid to Kid children’s franchise:

  • Store operations
  • Product knowledge
  • Buying product
  • Personnel management
  • Inventory management
  • Computer systems

Every new Kid to Kid franchise owner will complete this computer-based training before advancing to our on-site training, which is where things really get fun!

Comprehensive on-site training strengthens your children’s franchise

On-site training takes place at our corporate headquarters as well as our corporate owned training store in Salt Lake City, Utah. This 11-day training program is typically hosted every other month.

Training is provided by a group of individuals who have the highest level of knowledge and experience with the Kid to Kid business model, including co-founders Brent Sloan and Shauna Sloan; new store support manager Rachel Woodland; and 10-year franchise owner Ele Morgan.
During training, we review in detail every aspect of owning and operating a Kid to Kid children’s clothing franchise.

Because this children’s franchise opportunity involves the review, categorization and inventorying of thousands of unique resale items, much of the on-site training centers on computer systems, including Kid to Kid’s proprietary pricing software. Other major components of our training focus on store operations and management, and an in-depth exploration of purchasing processes.

Additionally, training includes the following:

  • Marketing
  • Merchandising and sales
  • Products
  • Facility and equipment
  • Hands-on instruction on our point-of-sale system

Completing your Kid to Kid children’s franchise training

The extensive Kid to Kid franchisee training ends with a review and testing sequence, to ensure all of our children’s clothing franchise owners are ready to implement our processes and procedures at their own locations.

Following the on-site classroom training, each new Kid to Kid franchise owner will experience an internship working at one of our finest franchise locations. For at least five full days, franchisees work side-by-side with a seasoned Kid to Kid store owner, witnessing how they serve customers, manage inventory and oversee store operations. This is an invaluable opportunity to experience what it means to own and operate a Kid to Kid children’s franchise.