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Help Local Families with Your Own Resale Clothing Franchise

Owning a Kid to Kid helps families in your communities save big on buying clothes for their kids

You see them all over town — in the grocery store, at the movies, at church. They’re parents, and they’ve got kids trailing behind them. You might even be one of them, a parent yourself, so you understand that while they’re adorable, kids also are expensive.

The average family spends about $1,800 on clothing every year, with 6% of Mom’s and Dad’s total earnings going to put clothes on everyone’s backs. Over the course of time, before kids turn 18, they’ll wear approximately $14,000 worth of clothes.

That’s a whole lot of T-shirts and shorts.

As parents work to keep their kids clothed, they’re always on the hunt for a real deal. Discount clothes won’t do. They need good-quality clothing that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

That’s where Kid to Kid comes in. And that’s where you can come in, too. With our upscale kids resale stores, Kid to Kid franchise owners are presenting parents in their community with an oasis of style and frugality. You can join this group of elite retailers who are finding growth through our refined systems and proprietary software.

Kid-friendly franchises help parents’ bottom-line

Kid to Kid children’s clothing franchise stores invite parents and their kids inside to browse through our organized racks of gently used clothing, books, toys, baby gear, sports equipment and more. They also bring in items to sell to us, receiving a cash payout or the more-popular store credit. Those valuable items are then priced and placed on the sales floor to eventually find a second life with a new child.

Once this cycle starts spinning smoothly, Kid to Kid franchise owners find they can make an average 67% gross profit margin on all the little items that come in and out of the store.

The only thing that could sweeten this impressive fast-food franchise-level profit margin is the fact that Kid to Kid franchise owners offer a leg-up to parents in their community. Our kids consignment franchise stores give them a place to find a great deal while also getting something for all the clothes and toys their children outgrow.

“I enjoy the fact that I’m helping people by providing a service for them to recycle their items, as well as for finding quality children’s stuff at low prices,” said Shannon Unger, a franchisee in Georgia.

More shoppers than ever for kids consignment franchise stores

While it feels great to offer parents access to lower-cost clothing, Kid to Kid franchisees find that a large portion of their shoppers are actually from higher-income demographics. In fact, according to the online resale site, high-income shoppers are 35% more likely to try secondhand than low-income shoppers.

Secondhand clothes have lost their stigma, and a wider range of consumers now place resale shops at the same level as other shopping experiences. One survey found that people are nearly as likely to shop at a resale store as they are at an apparel store. This evolving consumer attitude is one factor in Kid to Kid’s expansion to more than 120 stores nationwide and internationally.

Who’s going to be your neighborhood’s next business owner? With a Kid to Kid clothing store franchise, you can run a vibrant retail operation while also providing a source of relief and fun for shoppers in your community.