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Kid to Kid Franchise Review: Q&A with David Martell

Director of Franchise Development of the iconic resale clothing franchise opens up about why Kid to Kid is a worthy business to own

By focusing on sustainability, Kid to Kid franchise is at the forefront of a massive shift in how Americans shop for clothing. As a result of the lasting impact of the Great Recession, and the need to take action against climateKid to Kid Franchise Dave Martell change, the resale clothing industry is becoming more mainstream. This has created a $24 billion resale industry that is poised to grow to $64 billion within 10 years, according to Forbes.

At Kid to Kid, we help moms stretch their dollars by saving big on name brand, fashionable clothing and other kids’ products. With close to 100 locations throughout the U.S., we have helped dozens of entrepreneurs realize their dream of owning a business that truly makes a difference.

In this wide-ranging interview, David Martell, Director of Franchise Development at Kid to Kid, explains why our recession-resistant franchise is an incredible opportunity for entrepreneurs looking to start their own business. 


Who does Kid to Kid appeal to?

Martell: The appeal of this business really comes down to a passion for kids and kids products, as well as a desire to get involved in the community. Many of our franchisees see this as a service to their community where they’re providing families an affordable way to purchase their kids’ clothes and products. This is why I think many of our franchisees really believe in this concept because they understand the value of that and want to provide it to their community.

Additionally, it’s really an awesome time for our concept because secondhand shopping is really hitting the mainstream. It used to be shunned because there was a stigma with secondhand shopping. Before the Great Recession, people would brag about how much they spent on an item; now they’re bragging about how much they saved. 

Who is your ideal franchise owner? 

Martell: Our franchisees come from various backgrounds. We’ve brought on everyone from corporate careers to retail store employees. Their background isn’t as important as their passion for working with people. However, our ideal franchisee checks multiple boxes. For instance, we’re interested in entrepreneurs who want to have one store and make it a primary focus. We’re also interested in entrepreneurs who want to be a multi-unit operator and create an empire. Kid to Kid has adapted our systems and support teams to be able to support each kind of franchisee. 

What kind of financing options do you have available?

Martell: The great thing about working with our franchise is that we take the guesswork out of financing. We have relationships with third-party lenders so we can streamline the financing process. With these relationships we’ve been able to save our franchisees a lot of time during the store opening process. We understand that this is a large investment to build-out a brick-and-mortar retail location, so we’ve really developed our tools and systems to help them maximize that opportunity so they see a great return on his or her investment. 

What can franchise owners expect when they first sign on?

Martell: My role here is to act as a guide. I guide potential franchise owners through a process to see if this opportunity really meets his or her goals. Here at BaseCamp, our motto is that your success equals our success. Franchising is an amazing concept where we will marry your amazing entrepreneurial spirit with our time-tested systems and processes so we can both reach our goals.  

Why is now a good time to invest in a Kid to Kid? 

Martell: It’s a very exciting time for our brands. We’re growing at higher rates compared to our history, however there is still a lot of opportunities. We have about 100 Kid to Kid and 75 Uptown Cheapskate stores throughout the country. But we could have 500 stores, so there is a lot of opportunity to build multiple units unlike some of our competitors and provide our services to many communities. 

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