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Kid to Kid Franchise Review: Meet Lynn Ferguson

How a former nurse became the owner of a resale clothing franchise that provides a much-needed service to her community

Lynn Ferguson has always been interested in helping people. Before she pursued business ownership, Lynn worked as a nurse practitioner in the greater Nashville area. Today, Lynn owns a Kid to Kid franchise, a children’s resale clothing business that helps families in her community save money on buying clothes for their children.

children's resale clothing

The reason why Lynn chose to go into business for herself was because she was a young mother and wanted to spend time with her growing family. At the time, her children were five and three years old.

“Today, my kids are 21 and 23,” she smiles, “that should tell you how long we have loved being in this business.”

As the owner of a top performing Kid to Kid franchise locations for several years, Lynn has watched the resale category surge in popularity. As other retail concepts have come and gone, Lynn’s business is more relevant than ever before.

“Brick and mortar stores are going out of business left and right, while the consignment industry and resale are growing exponentially,” Lynn says. “But I think the reason we have done so well is because we are truly invested in our business. We are in our store daily, we know what’s going on, we know our customers and we are committed to exceptional customer service.”

Since our founding in 1992, Kid to Kid has expanded across 100 locations, providing families with a upscale resale shopping experience.  Our brand has helped dozens of entrepreneurs, just like Lynn, realize their dream of owning a business that truly makes a difference. Our franchisees contribute a tremendous service to parents that is environmentally sustainable and personally empowering.

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Kids grow faster than paychecks – now is the time to invest in a Kid to Kid franchise

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