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Join A Clothing Franchise That’s Making The World A Better Place

Here at Kid to Kid, we’re committed to being an asset to our customers and our neighborhoods. Our store owners help members of their community on a daily basis by offering great-quality used children’s clothing, toys, and accessories. From the mom selling clothes her kids have outgrown to a dad stocking up on baby gear with his expectant wife, Kid to Kid clothing franchise owners help neighbors provide for their families.

This pledge of service extends beyond our stores to international charity efforts. Along with our retail partner Uptown Cheapskate, Kid to Kid owners have raised more than $275,000 for buildOn. This nonprofit organization offers educational opportunities to children in the United States and internationally.

Through Kid to Kid’s and Uptown Cheapskate’s financial donation, buildOn has built 7 schools in economically poor countries where they are desperately needed —Mali, Burkina Faso, Senegal, Haiti, and Nicaragua.

Check out the incredible BEFORE and AFTER photos of the schools we helped to build!

How our children’s franchise owners raise money

When guests visit Kid to Kid stores to sell their used items, each piece is carefully examined and priced using our proprietary software system. If an item doesn’t meet our standards, we inform the customer that we won’t purchase it. At that point, they can take the item back or leave it with us as a donation.

We hold onto many of these items — most of which have only minor flaws — to offer on our Charity Fill-a-Bag days. On these days, customers can visit and fill a Kid to Kid bag of these items for a $15 donation. Many stores also offer 15% off any purchase of general merchandise in the store on the charity day.

“We pay cash to our customers for their best items, but if something has a small issue, we have a really hard time selling it. We had this question of what to do with all the items we aren’t able to buy,” says Kid to Kid president Shauna Sloan. “We are able to offer a huge selection of product that customers could stuff into a bag for just a $15 donation, making it a win for everyone. Our stores donate their labor, space, and product to host the sale.”

In 2017, Charity Fill-a-Bag days at 25 Kid to Kid and Uptown Cheapskate stores sold 2,276 bags and raised $35,962.74 for buildOn. More stores participated in the fundraiser in 2017 than the previous year.

How fundraising fits the mission of our clothing store franchise owners

Our franchisees feel personally rewarded for their efforts to raise money so that children around the world can attend better schools. The Charity Fill-A-Bag fundraiser fits into the Kid to Kid culture of contributing to a better life for people in our community as well as abroad. The effects of our business extend beyond the walls of our franchise clothing stores.

Here’s how Kid to Kid helps support communities and the wider world: