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Toddler Parents Love Secondhand Deals

As new parents discover, there’s more to the “terrible twos” than a toddler’s big emotions—like an expensive clothing bill. Buying clothes for kids between the ages of 1 and 3 is a major source of stress. Not only can retail prices be steep, but toddler growth demands new clothes often.

These reasons and many others are why more parents are turning to secondhand clothing from resale shops. Each year, more young families discover the benefits of secondhand toddler clothing. Here are a few ways this trend is driving demand for franchises like Kid to Kid.

Raising children is expensive

There’s no question that raising children—especially in today’s economy—is expensive. Family budgets are tight, but toddlers never stop needing clothes!

Secondhand clothing is a much more economical option for families. Rather than spend hundreds of dollars for just a few brand-name items at retail stores, parents can stock their toddler’s entire wardrobe for less.

What’s even better is that children’s resale clothing offers the same great quality for a fraction of the price. Franchises like Kid to Kid screen clothing for stains, tears and wear to ensure every item is in near-perfect condition. Some items are even sold to our shops having never been worn! This means parents can score secondhand toddler clothing that looks as good as new – or is new – without blowing their budget.

Toddlers grow—fast

Toddlers grow extremely fast. On average, toddlers gain 5 pounds and could sprout up by 4 to 5 inches in height each year. What might fit a toddler next month might be too tight the next! Their ever-changing bodies means the clothes parents just bought might be wasted before they even make it out of the closet.

Parents are wary of spending tons of cash on clothes their kids might only fit in for a few months to a year. It’s more logical for parents to turn to less-expensive secondhand clothing for these short-term-wear items. If their toddler only fits in that $5 pair of jeans for a few months, there’s no major loss!

Toddlers are messy

One thing every parent dreads is when their toddler inevitably finds their way into the marker stash. They look away for 30 seconds and come back to find doodles all over their kid’s new T-shirts and pants.

Toddlers aren’t capable of taking care of their clothes. Messes, stains and rips are all too common as they tot around the world. While wasted clothes are never ideal, when parents know they only spent a few dollars on that secondhand shirt, it dulls the pain.

Resale is better for the environment

Conscious consumerism is on the rise, particularly for younger generations. In fact, 77 percent of Millennials want to buy from environmentally conscious brands. As more conscious consumers start families of their own, they’re looking for ways to reduce their impact on the Earth through everyday actions.

Secondhand clothing is one way environmentally conscious parents can make an impact in a small way (and enjoy many other benefits while doing so!). Resale franchises like Kid to Kid that are dedicated to maximizing the benefits of upcycling are a huge draw for conscious consumers. Our brand helps educate consumers on our impact (like how choosing used over new products reduces carbon footprint by 60 to 70 percent) and lets them know they’re doing something good.

Shopping secondhand supports local economies

Conscious consumerism also extends to supporting local communities. Rather than pour money into big box retail chains, more parents are looking for ways to shop small.

Secondhand clothing businesses like Kid to Kid help put money back into the local economy. Not only do they support small business owners, they also give families cash back for their used items. They can use that money to support even more local businesses!

Now is the time to invest in a children’s resale clothing opportunity

It’s clear that shopping resale is growing more and more popular for young families—especially those with young children. Buying secondhand toddler clothing is more economical, environmentally friendly and logical because of how quickly kids grow.

Resale franchises like Kid to Kid make secondhand shopping a breeze for parents. By organizing and selling high-quality children’s clothing at affordable prices, we allow families to clothe their kids without breaking the bank.

Interested in taking advantage of the growing popularity of children’s resale clothing? Kid to Kid is an excellent franchise opportunity for entrepreneurs looking to do well and do good in their communities. Contact us today to learn more!