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Kid to Kid Franchise Looks Ahead to 2020

The New Year is the ideal time to invest in a booming children’s resale clothing franchise

As we wrap up 2019 and look ahead to 2020, this is a great time for entrepreneurs to join the Kid to Kid family. Kid to Kid resale clothing franchise helps moms stretch their dollars by saving big on name brand, fashionable clothing and other kids’ products. With close to 100 locations throughout the U.S., we have helped dozens of entrepreneurs realize their dream of owning a business that truly makes a difference.

In 2019, Kid to Kid not only opened two new stores and welcomed three new franchise owners to our family, but our franchise owners also saw strong growth in existing store sales volume. 

“It’s a testament to the commitment of our franchisees to reinvest and increase inventory,” explains David Martell, Director of Franchise Development. “They can only sell as much product as they buy, so they are committed to reinvesting in their businesses by growing their inventory levels, which, in turn, has grown their sales volume.”

It’s an exciting time for Kid to Kid, and Martell projects 2020 to be even better.kid to kid resale clothing franchise

 “So far we have one store opening in 2020, but our goal is to open 10,” he says. “We anticipate that entrepreneurs seeking a viable business opportunity will continue to sign up as they see our growth and the exciting times happening here at Kid to Kid.”

Entrepreneurs do not have to have experience in the booming industry to invest in a Kid to Kid franchise. Our franchisees come from various backgrounds, and we’ve brought on everyone from corporate careers to retail store employees. 

“Their background isn’t as important as their passion for working with people,” Martell notes. “However, our ideal franchisee checks multiple boxes. For instance, we’re interested in entrepreneurs who want to have one store and make it a primary focus. We’re also interested in entrepreneurs who want to be a multi-unit operator and create an empire. Kid to Kid has adapted our systems and support teams to be able to support each kind of franchisee.”

He adds that although Kid to Kid is growing at higher rates compared to our history, there is still a lot of opportunities. “We have about 100 Kid to Kid and 75 Uptown Cheapskate stores throughout the country,” says Martell. “But we could have 500 stores, so there is a lot of opportunity to build multiple units — unlike some of our competitors — and provide our services to many communities.”

Help moms stretch dollars further in your community

Americans spend a fortune buying clothes for their kids – but they don’t have to. Kid to Kid, the iconic children’s resale clothing franchise, helps families save big on name brand, fashionable clothing and other kids’ products in a way that is both environmentally sustainable and personally empowering. 

Since our founding in 1992, Kid to Kid has grown close to 100 locations throughout the country, and has helped dozens of entrepreneurs realize their dream of owning a business that truly makes a difference.

“Kids grow faster than paychecks,” says Scott Sloan, CEO of Kid to Kid. “Kid to Kid provides a tremendous service to young parents in communities across the nation by helping them save on buying clothing for their growing kids, and giving them money for the items they’re no longer using. As a franchise system, Kid to Kid is an incredible opportunity. Not only is the customer base constantly renewing itself, the business model is recession-resistant and minimizes our impact on the environment. This business is a win-win for franchisees and their customers alike.”

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