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Kid to Kid Has Great Finds All Year Long

Some of the biggest complaints parents have when shopping for their children are about price and availability. Winter jackets might be popping up in stores, but they’re priced too high for a tight budget. Or, they’d like to use a holiday bonus for summer swimwear, but nobody’s selling it during winter!

Whether through consignment or traditional retail, children’s clothing and apparel options don’t always meet the needs of families. This is what sets resale stores like Kid to Kid apart from the rest. –

Kid to Kid vs. other resale options

When purchasing from traditional retail, buyers are often beholden to the stores’ rotation of seasonal items. Snow boots aren’t easy to come by in summer, and swimsuits are tough to find in winter.

This often leads parents to shop for out-of-season items in other places—namely resale. However, the quality and availability of items aren’t always guaranteed. Buying secondhand online, through consignment, at yard sales or even from friends can yield varying results, from worn-out items missing buttons or snaps to limited options in terms of color and size.

Kid to Kid gives parents more ease of mind when they’re looking for specific items for their children. Our stores’ selections of resale clothing and toys for kids are varied and vast. This means families can find awesome items for affordable prices, no matter what time of year it is.

  • Offering families choice: Kid to Kid accepts all kinds of clothing for babies, toddlers and children, in addition to maternity clothing, baby gear, toys, sports gear and books! Because they come from different families, these items are also usually available in a range of styles, colors and sizes. Parents have the luxury of choice when they visit Kid to Kid, without sacrificing their budget. This differs wildly from your average yard sale or consignment store, where inventory is usually much more limited.
  • Meeting year-round demand: Kid to Kid patrons bring in old or outgrown clothes and apparel to sell all the time. They might be spring cleaning or clearing out the closet to make room for new holiday gifts. This means that our stores can stock a wide range of garments and gear for kids all year long. Our inventory fluctuates over time, but it’s likely that a Kid to Kid store will have out-of-season items in stock whenever a parent might need them.
  • Screening items for quality: Unlike other platforms for secondhand shopping, Kid to Kid uses a rigorous review process on all our items. Any time clothing, gear or toys are brought in for sale, our staff members comb over them carefully. We screen for tears, missing buttons, frayed edges, broken zippers and other signs of intense wear. After a quality check, we pay attention to whether the items are in style and in demand with our shoppers. This curates our inventory and makes the shopping process much easier on our buyers. There’s no need to check over items from a bargain bin or gamble on an online sale. All the hard work is done for them in advance, so they know they’re getting quality!

Once families come to learn about Kid to Kid and the great finds available year-round, they’re sure to make their local resale store a regular stop. This is just one of the many ways Kid to Kid makes shopping easier for parents and becomes a staple in every community we serve.

Take advantage of the Kid to Kid opportunity

More and more families are turning to resale children’s apparel to stretch their tightening budgets and shop more sustainably. By opening a Kid to Kid franchise store in your own community, you’ll serve eager families and their kids with high-quality, curated items they’ll love.

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